Spelling mistakes be gone

Quick question.


The EVE client keeps a history of various field entries – such as search terms, object names and so on. The launcher does it for your account names. This can be annoying if you mistyped something, or no longer use an account. Is it possible to delete individual line entries from the history drop down? I support a well known ERP software suite, and all you need to do is hover over any entry and hit Del. It would be nice to have the same functionality in the EVE client.


Edit 05.04.2014

As pointed out in the comments, right click on search field and selecting clear history works.  It removes all the history instead of just the single spelling mistake, but isn’t as drastic as clearing caches would be.




11 thoughts on “Spelling mistakes be gone

    • You only seem to have two choices – Clear all settings, and Clear All Cache Files. I’ve not been keen to try either as whenever the client resets after a major update it takes a week of fiddling before I get the client back to how I want it! Might do some research.

      • Clear all settings is bad, mkay? That’s the one where it moves almost all your windows back to the peculiar default of sitting on top of your ship.

        Clear all caches just means your computer has to load various textures and what-not afresh, and just takes a small hit to in-game performance whilst you encounter new objects. This is also probably the option for clearing spelling problems. Of course, it would also clear all your proper spellings from the cache too.

      • I seem to recall something right-click > ‘clear history’ at least on some of these textfields. Whilst this would rid you of all previous entries, maybe less intrusive than a full Cache File reset?

      • Yes, a quick client test confirms: right-click context menus with ‘clear history’ at least (all I tested just now) on Asset Search, Market Search, and the new Autopilot quick destination search. Thus probably more.

  1. “I support a well known ERP software suite” – Me too. I am currently in the middle of a major SAP implementation project focused on supply chain. Come to think of it, this might explain my aversion to hauling and manufacturing in-game…

    • Been doing SAP Basis Administration for 17 years – 16 of them working for Consulting companies. The SAP infrastructure grows into an even more complicated mess year on year.

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