Mastery of the hated

I’ve recently completed one of my “for my own amusement” goals.


As you can see my main Alt now has Master V for the Falcon hull – one of the most hated ships in game. The effort also happened to cover off Mastery V in the Blackbird, Griffin and Kitsune.  Muah ha ha ha ha…

You’re not wanted here


I wonder who poked their nose through this wormhole who the Amarr did not like? Funny how often you come across evidence of other people’s stories in game.

Ran an exploration site then the first two steps of an escalation. The first escalation did not have a faction frigate in it, which I have never seen before. The second escalation dropped 90M ISK of loot, which was nice. The third escalation location is deep in a Hi Sec Island surrounded by faction warfare low sec. Not sure I’ll have the time to investigate reaching it, had to stay up past midnight to manage as much in game time as I had.