Islands in the stream

I had quite a nasty sinus headache, so had to finish up work early and take some stronger pain killers. After a shower and a nap I woke with a fuzzy head and some unexpected down time.

I decided to run the next site in the escalation chain I had started the previous night. Because it lay behind half a dozen low sec systems I swapped into a cheaper Clone and grabbed my Jack of All Trades Pilgrim.

The trip there was uneventful, and the loot drop from the site dismal.  Just the way EVE falls sometimes.

Because I was there I figured I would have a look around the 8 system Hi-Sec Island. It was, as expected, full of anomalies, numbering 30+ in some systems. These included hidden belts that hadn’t been mined. I quickly came to the conclusion that this would be a worthwhile place to leave a clone and a few ships. When I have such limited play time it will be nice to be able to log on, have a high chance of being able to run a few sites without competition, and then log off again. I would just need to use wormholes to move out loot and ship in supplies.

I logged in one of my scouting alts and flew them into the pocket in a Covert Ops. Interestingly one of the low sec systems I passed through had a Ghost site in it. More surprisingly the very next system also had a Ghost site in it. Not equipped to do anything about them, I moved on.

While I ran sites on my main, I sent my scout off to look for wormholes. I had to scan the entire constellation and only found three. The first two were to unknown space, while the last was to a Low Sec system. The name was familiar (I’ve purchased a carrier from there before), and it lay only one jump from Hi-Sec. While it was a bit of a hike, I could get to Jita via this route.

I grabbed a reasonably priced shuttle, fleeted with my scout, and made my way to Jita via the wormhole he had found. What to grab? I started with a Stratios. This would be my bread and butter scanning ship. On my next round trip I went for a Viator Transport, carrying a Retriever Mining Barge. The race was on however to beat downtime – less than an hour to make 21 jumps, purchase everything, then make 21 jumps back. I made it comfortably with 9 minutes spare.

So I ended up playing the longest session of EVE I have done in months, without expecting or planning to do so. I’m also aware of the irony that with my limited time, to actually play EVE the MMO, I need to place myself as far away as possible from where most people are playing.