CSM8 Second Summit Minutes

The second summit minutes for CSM8 have been released.


At 40 pages they were easier to skim through, although it is suggested sections will be added after their details have been publically announced.  They did read better than before.  Less he said this, she said that, these people laughed, this person had a sip of water…

I didn’t find a great deal of new stuff that relates to my style of game play, or that really grabbed my attention.  No “I can’t wait for that” moments.

They indicated that Aurum and the NEX store will be moved away from the character level to the account level – so Aurum wallets will be pooled and the store moved to the character selection screen.

They are thinking of adding services to the NEX store such as changing gender, bloodline, race, etc. I guess with the concept of clones this makes sense as something which would be possible – but I’m not sure how many people in game would really want to spend Aurum on it. I wonder if they have considered the idea of allowing people to have different gender / bloodline / race clones they can jump between?  So you pay to use the body/appearance process to create new versions of you – have one fat unhealthy looking miner, a smart corporate looking trader clone, another warrior like clone.  When you create a new clone,  you select from one of the templates you have purchased / built.  That might interest people more.

There were some comments about missions and making them more interesting and dynamic, and the fact they are looking at building new content creation tools.

There was a comment about CCP wanting to address and limit power projection.

CCP Fozzie remarked on the possibility of “fixing” the need for very high standings to anchor a POS in High Sec.

We can also probably expect something to be announced relating to veteran pilots.

Overall though, nothing that really grabbed my attention, and lots of old topics that haven’t gone anywhere in years.

2 thoughts on “CSM8 Second Summit Minutes

    • Presuming you are referring to acknowledgements for Veteran Pilots – I hadn’t heard anything specific on it. It is one of those things that could be difficult to get right. It needs to be worthwhile – not valuable enough to impact the game, but valuable enough so that it doesn’t just become a joke.

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