Sailing around the island


I’ve been in the Hi-Sec Island for a few days. I’ve logged in four times for short sessions. The first I ran half a dozen anomalies. The second I went looking for a wormhole leading elsewhere in empire without luck, but ended up running two relic and one data sites. The third and four times I just ran a handful of anomalies before logging off again.

It is the sort of easy access to quick content I need with my game time being so restricted.

There are not many pilots in the pocket – generally systems are empty or only have one or two other pilots. (It is a little busier on the weekend.) Most tend to have a security status of 5.0 and have been playing for years.

I have had two minor encounters with them. The first was after real life had interrupted one of the anomaly runs. The system was empty and the site had dropped from the scanner overview, so I just walked away. When I returned there was another pilot in the system, probes on scan, and their Vialor (not your first choice in scan boats) sitting 2,000m away from me. I am guessing he was checking if I was in a cosmic signature, so I assume he’s one of those more rude type of pilots who prefer to warp in on people already in sites.

The other minor encounter is some of the pilots I am seeing are in a corporation with the name I had originally wanted for my Alliance. It is a small world.

The location isn’t perfect – there are no manufacturing slots in the constellation, and escalations always seem to be across Low Sec and a dozen jumps or more away.

I had another fairly long EVE session again today. I used my scouting alt to go looking for a Wormhole to Empire space, but of the 6 wormholes I found in the constellation all went to W-space. He did stumble across a Ghost site during his search, so I got to run that. (I managed to clear two of the cans, and finished the third mini-game but the can blew up a fraction of a second before I could hit loot all.) I mined a retriever load of ore. I ran a couple Anomalies and a combat site. I also went in and out of Low Sec half a dozen times to manufacture and haul in some station containers. Last of all I jumped into an expensive Clone, and moved it and a bling fit Buzzard back into the Island across Low Sec. I am expecting I’ll hang around here for a while.

6 thoughts on “Sailing around the island

    • I think Solitude has the biggest Hi-Sec Island, otherwise there are only half a dozen semi-decent size examples elsewhere. As you said – they certainly provide a different sort of life style.

  1. Solitude is a weird place, full of grumpy industrialist corps in some LowSec parts of the Region, and even some exploration corps around. Genesis, with its mix of high/low sec was better in my own opinion.

      • yeah, i have been on the bad side of their gund. Luckly they tend to cluster in the bantish-gonditsa corridor, snd in the shaine cluster. Then you have places like ziazad or the eve gate arm that are almost empty.

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