Quick Access

I’ve played more EVE in the last week than I have played in the previous 3 months. I had a number of reasonably long sessions over Saturday and Sunday, which I spent running sites, mining, and looking (without luck) for wormholes out of the Empire Island.

Basically I hit a brick wall of exhaustion in Real Life, and I’ve been capable of little else but vegetatively staring at my computer screens. EVE has allowed me to recharge my batteries a little.

The location does however give me the ability to log in, find something to do quickly, and then log off again. I’ve remarked on it a couple times already, but this is a really big deal. I mean, really big.

I have to play solo because I am not reliably available to play the game with others, and I have to focus on short content as I am constantly interrupted. In my normal home system the resources are commonly depleted, so I find I log in, glance around, and then log off again. This happens more often than not, and that can build up to the point you get detached from the game.

In this new location there has always been some sort of content I can quickly interact with. I log in – actually do something, and then go deal with a child crying or throwing a tantrum. I feel as if I got my money’s worth out of the game.

I suspect this would be an area CCP would get a big player return on – spending a bit of time on fleshing out readily available mini content.