Voting for CSM9 has opened.

I voted with my three accounts. Some years I’ve a bit negative about the process, but I was generally pleased with the work done by CSM8 and felt it was worth making some effort this year.

I have to ashamedly admit that I did not listen to the available podcasts or read each candidates manifestoes. Instead I paid attention to who current CSM members and my favourite bloggers were endorsing and why. I then compared this list against some of the groups I dislike and who they were endorsing, and came up with 7 who seemed hardworking moderates who focused particularly on Hi and Low Sec, Manufacturing and Industry.

Good luck in particular to Sugar Kyle and Mike Azariah

I liked Susan Black’s related blog post on who the CSM may actually represent:

I suspect she is right in the sense that more than half of EVE players probably don’t involve themselves in the wide variety of EVE out of Game information, resources and conversations. Throw in bitter Vets who don’t vote because they are, well, bitter, and the CSM and those who vote for it are probably a minority mix of enthusiasts and pilots from organised blocks. Or to look at it in another light, CCP tends to end up listening to the types of people who generate game content. That’s not a bad thing in my mind.

2 thoughts on “Voting

  1. “CCP tends to end up listening to the types of people who generate game content. That’s not a bad thing in my mind.” That is probably a fair comment. I am somewhat bemused by the whole Space Game Student Council concept, but I know people take their games very seriously. I voted for a mix of people of share my interests and people who seem to have strong enough personalities to make the job worthwhile. I know that they have influence, but I am a bit on the fence as to whether they actually improve the game.

    • I feel – at least in later versions, that the CSM does indeed provide valuable input into the game. It doesn’t set the direction of main development or vision, but it helps in both addressing the small things and in finessing CCP’s ideas so that they are more likely to succeed with the player base. Even if that is entirely wrong, I give it points purely for the marketing and “coolness” value. My god though – don’t many of the CSM members have to work very hard for it.

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