An unexpected scramble

I was doing the rounds of the Island, checking for any Hi-Sec wormholes. Early indications are that these won’t be particularly common.

I was being regularly interrupted by wife and kids, so it was taking a while. Some of the inhabitance might have been thinking I was the worst scanner in history for how long the probes could sit idling in space.

I found a hole to Low Sec, which dropped me off in Reblier, right next door to High Sec. Having lived in Syndicate I was very familiar with Reblier, and its often camped neighbour 6-CZ49. At a pinch I could use it to ship in supplies, particularly if I used some scouts, but it would likely be dangerous.

I moved on hoping for a better option, and a couple systems later found a fresh wormhole to somewhere in Hi-Sec. The colour suggested the other end terminated in Lonetrek, and sure enough I stepped through to be only 3 jumps out from Jita.

I embarrassingly did a little fist pump.

So – I have the kids around all day and plenty of work to get done, but this is an opportunity I can’t pass up. Over the day the Wormhole saw a flurry of activity, with me having all three accounts logged in and active.

I moved my Main Alt into the pocket. I moved an Orca, Hulk and Mackinaw in. I moved half a dozen PVP ships in – mostly recons. I moved in some haulers and a Noctis, and last of all I moved in a PVE Assault Frigate.

I had to buy and fit all these. Although I had some of them sitting around unused in other stations, I just couldn’t afford the time to collect them. It was a mad scramble as it was just to get this much done in between all the normal busyness of my day.

In hindsight I really should have prepared all these before – probably having them in Jita already to go. The bank balance is a couple Billion ISK lighter because of it.

I’m still not fully set up, but I am in a much better position that I was before that wormhole opened up.