Paying attention to the stories

My Capsuleer awoke and undocked in their Buzzard. There were two other pilots mining and two signatures to scan down amongst a sea of anomalies. These worked out to be a Data and a Relic site, which were run for around 4M ISK in loot. There was a Jaspet site in system, so the Hulk was next undocked. The Alt was also awoken and refitted the Orca for mining boosting, and they also undocked. Another 19M ISK was earned over a short stint.

I’ve been in the island for a bit over a week now, and my total casual income has been around 125M ISK. These are from sessions which were as short as 10 minutes at a time, and included 3 or 4 mining stints, the most I’ve done in possibly years. Your real pay days with this sort of gaming are from the faction spawns – but there have been few; and their drops particularly poor. That’s just the luck of the draw – the fact I am undocking means I am open to the chance of some reasonable ISK.

That is what the Island is offering so far, reasons to undock, even if just for a quarter of an hour.


Mining tends to be more relaxed on the Island

The other day I noticed a suddenly influx of pilots in the system I was idling in. This many pilots appearing together is unusual for the Island. I glanced at them, and noted most were freshly in various NPC corporations, having just left a Player Corporation.

Looking at the war history of the corporation, I could see they were under a War Dec. Looking at the War Report, I could see they had lost a couple Orca’s and various other ships in the war, and were obviously losing. Given the pilots were all together, it didn’t look they were bailing out on each other, just (possibly temporarily) the Corp.

Because the area is quiet I am picking up a lot more of the stories behind the other pilots. There is a pair of Pilots – obviously a Main and an Alt, who are always circling the island probing down sites in a fairly methodical manner. There’s another pilot who circles the island at break-neck speed, running specific sites for maximum profit, and making a particular point to steal faction spawns from other players. There’s a couple mining Corporations who strip belts in an assortment of barges with support, and there are some mission runners doing their own thing. There are also a lot of explorers generally.

As I sat cloaked off the wormhole to Jita the other day I watched a procession of familiar pilots moving supplies in and out. Obviously this is a location and method of living that other pilots have also found to their liking.