Oh, oh, oh

So the summer expansion is going to be Industry based.

The first Dev blog a few weeks ago was about reprocessing.


The second Dev blog released now is about manufacturing.


More DEV blogs are expected to cover the Industry UI, Research, Job Cost Scaling and working in Teams.

There is a lot to the latest blog.

They are resorting and labelling the Manufacture and Research section of the Market into something that is more logical to navigate.

The damage done to R.A.M and R.Db manufacturing inputs will be removed. Instead they will just become a standard ingredient item.

With the capping of Item and Ship refining at 55%, they will be removing the concept of “Extra Material” during manufacturing.

Somewhat contentious, they will be removing the slot system for stations and star bases. Instead of 50 manufacturing slots in a factory station, an infinite number of jobs can be submitted. They will be replaced by a scaling system – with costs to submit jobs going from 0 to 14% depending on how utilised the station is. If you are a full scale manufacturer that means you will want to move your jobs to a quiet station. For people just making small volumes of stuff for themselves, that means they should be able to use these services any time they want without waiting.  It will also mean BPO research should become much easier and more accessible.

If that wasn’t big enough, the next comment is that they are looking at allowing POS to be anchored anywhere in Hi-Sec (aside a handful of protected systems) without standing requirements. I expect there will be a run on moons when this is first allowed. I might even re-anchor a POS or two as place holders. (Surely they will also be allowing some mechanism to hack or remove such things though?)  There will be changes to the various POS modules to come in line with this new approach, and you will need to place BPO in the POS to do research on them going forward.

Last of all the Dev blog has an image of what the new Industry UI might look like. Pretty…

Very interesting and – I might actually be feeling a little excitement about the next expansion.

5 thoughts on “Oh, oh, oh

  1. Not really playing game much still. Was debating taking down my large Research Tower and was suppose to do it this weekend. Might put that idea on whole a but longer till after all the Dev blogs for Summer Industry Exp. Wasn’t doing much research anyway atm. But this now a good reason to copy over some Capital BPO’s if anything else.

    But my main thought was this the potential impact on these changes on the PI Material market. It will now be easier to deploy POS in space. More POS will also likely go KABoom also. Space will eventually be littered with new POS potentially. Which leads back to needing lots of PI and PI P4 Components to make all those POS’s.

    I can only predict a rational increase in POS prices as well the base material components to make POS Towers, Labs, Refinery Arrays and POS Defense Structures.

    • I sat in Jita looking at the POS prices after first reading the dev blog, and thought I should probably buy up some stocks for re-sale. But then I was hit by the Meh stick, and didn’t bother. I suspect if they allow POS to be anchored anywhere and everywhere, that they must also be planning on new mechanisms to allow for their easier removal. I was thinking the Labs for example might be placed outside of the force field or the like. Surely they don’t just plan on having hard to remove POS littering Hi-Sec.

  2. Deeply suspicious of these changes. As I stated on one of your earlier blog entries it’s another slice of nerf pie handed out to hisec while buffing nullsec+lowsec so that hisec cannot compete, an attempt to try to gradually pussywhip hisec players into lowsec and null.

    The cost formulae for manufacturing might prove me wrong but I suspect that this will make hisec manufacturing a loss making experience for casuals and small scale industrialists and lead to them quitting or ditching indy alts for missioning/mining instead.

    Still, it’s much better reading about eve than it is playing it.

    Curious now about what’s going to get screwed next. Missioning?

    • I read the blog as saying they will first be reviewing the costs to submit jobs, and that these costs will scale based on how busy the station is. This variation will be between 0 to 14%. Given the current cost to install a job tend to be trivial, I don’t see this as a huge cost for anyone. If these costs impact profits in Hi-Sec, you can just move to a quieter station or use a POS (which should be much easier to anchor).

      Even if it costs less to install jobs in Null and Low Sec, they are not likely to be able to easily compete against Hi-Sec due to the dangers and costs of moving goods.

      The refining changes will actually hit Null-Sec – needing a rethink and new approaches to supplying materials. I think the Null Sec bear might be complaining more than the Hi-Sec one.

      I am more interested in how it should be much easier to access Blueprint related slots in Hi-Sec. Who cares if your ME research costs 14% more, if you can load it up immediately without a 45 day wait?

      I see lots of changes, but what I see so far are not game changers for the solo empire bear.

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