And then there will only be two

I’ve cancelled the subscription on one of my three accounts. Over the coming weeks I am going to have to biomass one character and do three transfers so that I end up with my trained pilots across two accounts.

For the foreseeable future our household income will be halved as my wife leaves her toxic job, takes time to recharge her batteries, and then turns her attention to a rather bleak job market.

We are in a fortunate position where this doesn’t greatly impact on our lifestyle – but we have gone over our budget looking to ensure we can justify what we are spending. While I can still afford three EVE accounts, I can’t really justify it.

My first decision is which Price Check Alt to Biomass. One is older, has the nicer name and is the nicer to look at. The other has no way to link it with my Main account. (Something I am finding useful at the moment – a story about which I may re-tell later.)

I will then move my EveHermit Alt into the freed up slot. (I don’t want to Biomass that character, but not being able to access it doesn’t concern me either.) After that comes a shuffle of moving my Secondary Industry Alt, and then moving my Primary Alt.

In the end I will have

Account 1

Secondary Scanning Alt
Secondary Industry Alt

Account 2

Main Alt
Scanning Alt
Industry Alt

That should cover me for everything I dual box for. I rarely used all three accounts together, so it is a luxury I can live without.