And then there will only be two

I’ve cancelled the subscription on one of my three accounts. Over the coming weeks I am going to have to biomass one character and do three transfers so that I end up with my trained pilots across two accounts.

For the foreseeable future our household income will be halved as my wife leaves her toxic job, takes time to recharge her batteries, and then turns her attention to a rather bleak job market.

We are in a fortunate position where this doesn’t greatly impact on our lifestyle – but we have gone over our budget looking to ensure we can justify what we are spending. While I can still afford three EVE accounts, I can’t really justify it.

My first decision is which Price Check Alt to Biomass. One is older, has the nicer name and is the nicer to look at. The other has no way to link it with my Main account. (Something I am finding useful at the moment – a story about which I may re-tell later.)

I will then move my EveHermit Alt into the freed up slot. (I don’t want to Biomass that character, but not being able to access it doesn’t concern me either.) After that comes a shuffle of moving my Secondary Industry Alt, and then moving my Primary Alt.

In the end I will have

Account 1

Secondary Scanning Alt
Secondary Industry Alt

Account 2

Main Alt
Scanning Alt
Industry Alt

That should cover me for everything I dual box for. I rarely used all three accounts together, so it is a luxury I can live without.

4 thoughts on “And then there will only be two

  1. Sorry to hear of the financial impacts, I myself am currently tween contracts as twere, looking for work… I am, however, glad to hear she has left a toxic situation, money is never worth the cost in health and well being. The offset to my cancelled contract is that my wife recently landed a FT position that she is extremely happy with, and in which she is doing very well… plus it’s a state job, so the benefits are, well… very nice. May your wife find something similar.

    As for EvE, I am Tur and Tur is me… and I have a hard enough time just being me… =]

    • There are a lot of people who are forced through necessity to work in miserable jobs. We are fortunately that my wife is able to leave, although she should have made the move sooner. I’m glad your wife has a job that she likes so much. I can imagine that makes for a more harmonious household! Good luck with finding something equally satisfying for yourself.

      Despite their age and SP, I still only consider my Alts as support characters to my Main. Having said that – I don’t imagine being able to play this game solo without two accounts.

      • I concur with Tur; happy wife equals happy life, and a happy life involves Eve…I think that was all supposed to come full circle and make sense and everyone would commend me for being a poet, but I think not. Anyway, you are right that this game is not conducive to a hermit play style with only one account. I, being a hermit like you, have been fortunate enough lately to have my alt’s account re-subbed, and can do some of the things I enjoy, which would be very difficult without my alt.

      • Then try and imagine playing this game… solo for real… and in W-space to boot! Actually, I play nightly with a guy I have known for pretty much all the time I ahve been in EvE… and he religiously dualboxes… I can’t say I have ever seen him on w/o his sidekick, and he’s very good at it too… the alt is most often in a Falcon and makes him a quite deadly 2 man PvP team… That said however I just cannot see myself ever dualboxing… heck, I have issues when I log onto one of Tur’s alts… just feels wrong. I am TurAmarth and he is me… (this may be some kinda comment on me I ‘spose…) =]

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