Just move to Null

When I read through the DEV blog announcing the theme of the next expansion, I assumed the cost of the slotless stations would be based on a revamp of the currently insignificant station fees.  How bad could it be?

With lots of people up in arms about it, I re-read the Blog and noticed this bit in bold.

“Expect costs ranging from 0% to 14% of the base item being produced for the most extreme case”

If you are manufacturing T1 items for income, a tax / fee / cost of 14% of its base value would almost ensure there would be no profit in it.  I can understand why dedicated manufacturers are worried.

We don’t know at this point how this sliding scale will work, and what differences there will be between Empire, Low Sec, Null Sec and POS.  For that we have to wait for a DEV Blog from CCP Greyscale.

(Who?  Did they say Greyscale?  The DEV synonymous with ideas and ideologies that are hostile towards the solo empire dwelling carebear?  This could go well…)

Jester’s recent blog post relates to these changes.  I don’t always agree with him, but I tend to find Jester is knowledgeable, calm, rational and able to communicate well.


He flags that we should be concerned, and suggests industry players join a Null Sec Renter Alliance, grab a jump freighter, and profit.

If these changes fall into a substantial nerf to Empire manufacturing, how many people do you think would follow Jester’s suggestion?  As they say, interesting times.

13 thoughts on “Just move to Null

  1. I do not think many will or would. I may be wrong and I’ll happily eat my words if it is the case. I do not think that carrots will lead people to null anymore than sticks will. If they do not want that game play they do not want that game play.

    • For a while I thought you might be able to encourage people to Null with Carrots – but I no longer do. It’s a very different sort of game which many people just have no interest in playing.

      • I feel like there’s plenty of carrot already there for people like me who believe in the dream of societies being built in sov space. I’d really like to have less of a “why would you ever do that” factor to it, though: the market, it is in hisec. All of the market that I need to supply my market orders for my admittedly small alliance fits in a JF once or maybe twice a week. (There are three or four people doing this; it’s possible that the whole alliance eventually reaches one or two JFs daily, but I know there are a lot of half-empty JF runs among our logistics department because we like to have prompt delivery on our alliance JF service. Furthermore, a lot of the bigger orders are from people who are already doing null industry and are outsourcing the hauling.) If I can ship everything in with little effort, and if my manufacturing would easily saturate alliance demand, why would I ever leave the area which both has cheaper transportation and the market I’m selling to anyway? Why import to re-export? Unless my manufacturing market moves or the fees close to my market are more expensive than even the subsidized costs people in my alliance pay for transportation, I doubt much is actually going to change.

      • Interesting seeing the view of someone living in Null. The transport costs, hassle, and even more importantly, risk, put a major premium on goods manufactured in Null.

  2. I wouldn’t, unless i clearly wanted to but i don’t want to be forced into it because of botched game design. But then again I also have a choice and can easily choose to do other things with my choice.

  3. There’s even less chance of me moving to null than there is of me running naked down the street singing “My Old Man’s a Dustman”.

    It’s up to CCP in the end though. If they’re so dumb that they want to alienate part of their community then let them go for it.

    It’s always more fun seeing a block of apartments be demolished than seeing one go up, and far more spectacular. I’m gonna love watching the backlash from this one.

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  5. I find it amusing when I hear talk about loyalty to hi-sec (bwAHAHAHAHHA!!) or CCP forcing someone to play a game they don’t want to. Why are you so intent on having things handed to you? Why is it impossible to find a new way of approaching your game? Why is it “Do it my way I quit!” or “I can’t wait for this to fail so I can watch and mock all the things.” The Entitlement is strong in these words. Grow-up, no one is entitled to anything.

    I am a null-sec industrialist. I am not in a renter alliance, I am in a Sov-holding PvP alliance and I make isk hand over fist selling local right now. Have been for almost 6 years now. What this change will mean is that I will have to move my operations over to a different outpost (Caldari or Amarr, probably Amarr). Other than that I will continue to make isk hand over fist. All of this costs about 90 minutes of effort a week.

    How, you ask? I started with Ammo and an alt mining the juicy rocks of Scalding Pass in 2008. How do I do it now? I build capital ships from more alts mining the juicy rocks in a different area (you will have to work to find me, you are not entitled to my location, hehehhe) of null-sec space. I build T2 modules for doctrine ships and are able to source most of the moon materials needed for construction from my alliance which they are more than willing to sell me at a reduced rate than take the bother to haul it all the way to Jita.

    Too much trouble you say? Good! I will keep your share of the profits. Don’t have the same opportunity you say? Bullshit! All you have to do is find the right outfit. I happen to run one of them.

    Anyone unwilling

    • Thanks for dropping by Helican – you gave me a genuine laugh to start my day.

      Your splurge is not relevant to my views or how I play the game, but I am pleased to hear you are so successful in playing the game the way you want to.

  6. I expect prices in Jita to rise, because the supply for many items simply cannot be maintained by the industrialists who already live in null (or low).

    For instance, 200mm autocannon II prices must rise, because the t2 components will stop being extra materials. -4 ME means +50% more T2 compared to now.

    So, we’ll see some opportunistic entities set up shop in low sec, and a lot in NPC null sec, especially since most of NPC null is only one cyno from high sec. As far as null sec industry goes, I’m just happy that there’s a reason for them to go out there for once.

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