Old Sala

After another busy week where I couldn’t undock, I managed to fit in three reasonable EVE sessions over the weekend. Two involved mining Cosmic Anomaly Ore Sites, and the third running a few Relic and Data sites, followed by a dozen odd Combat Anomalies.

Again income wasn’t brilliant, but it all adds up.


I quite like the Ore Sites, and I appreciate that they are regularly available in the Island. I’m not sure if it is their random nature, the different visuals, or the chance to be mining Ore not generally found in Hi-Sec – but I’ve ended up mining more in the last couple weeks than I have over the previous year.

In fact I am finding the mining here more relaxing – almost in the old way, when you did not have to worry so much about being ganked and griefed. Don’t get me wrong, the island isn’t some safe utopia. Low Sec is just next door and while the population is low, the inhabitants are generally very active. It is just easier to maintain your situational awareness. D-Scan sweeps are not cluttered by a dozen different ever changing ship types, and you don’t have a constant procession of different pilots passing through the system to do a “Show Info” on. In fact you recognise most of them.

I guess that sums up why I stopped mining in EVE. There was too much competition for resources, and I couldn’t mitigate the danger to my ships enough through care or attention – so it came down more on the side of blind luck. That’s not relaxing or fun.

This sort of mining takes me back to my very first year in game – living in Derelik, clearing belts in Iosantin while my Alt traversed to and from Salashayama hauling ore. The game has changed a lot since then.

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