Changing Shirts

My jump clones and the implants installed across them are a bit of a mess – particularly on my Alts. Let’s just call them suboptimal. I’ve been meaning to try and sort them out for years, but the idea of spending a week doing daily jumps between clones while trying to select and then purchasing a good mix of implants hasn’t been my idea of fun.

With the long weekend drawing to an end and the usual busyness descending, I figured I’d finally try and tackle my main Alt’s clone situation. It should be something I can just fit in when I have some spare time, and dock up and walk away from whenever I need.



This Alt can have a total of 10 Clones – 1 active, and 9 stored in Stations. At the moment they have 6. The roles of some are already defined:

1: Home Clone, located in the home station

2: Capital Clone, located with his Carrier

3: Mission Clone

I am pretty sure I am going to hang around in this Hi-Sec Island, so I am going to need 2 Clones here. (1 for general use, and a backup clone in case I get podded and need to get back as soon as possible.)

4: Island Clone

5: Island Clone

I still haven’t forgotten my Low Sec goals. I haven’t been back to my selected area recently, but I will return. I am planning to actually live out of a Low Sec station. I will need two more clones in or around that system – again one being a backup in case I get podded.

6. Low Sec

7. Low Sec

I probably need one or two PVP clones. These would also be used for any time spent in Wormholes or Null Sec. This Alt’s skills are really focused on supporting my Main, including maxed out Warfare and Mining Director Skills, and jamming related EW skills. I could focus a clone each around that. I could also consider a blank clone – one to use when you know it won’t be docking ever again.

I can start this process by creating extra clones. To create a clone you either need access to a Rorqual with the appropriate modules fitted (which I don’t), or a Personal or Corporation standing of 8.0 or more with a NPC Corporation with a station that has Medical facilities.



As I remarked recently, I started out my EVE career in Derelik. The only personal or corporation standing greater than 8.0 for this Alt is with Ammatar Fleet. (Carthum Conglomerate is the Corp I get my datacores through, and TransStellar Shipping was the Gallantee Corporation I ran missions for to try and offset the impact of all my Amar related standings.)

I’m not sure if it is still up to date, but I used the following website to double check what medical facilities exist for the Ammatar Fleet.



Two are in Hi-Sec Derelik, two are in Low Sec Derelik, and one is in a small Hi-Sec island behind Low Sec. I set Auto pilot on and travelled to Gamis and Salashayama to install two new clones.



SO this little side goal process has started.

I had a couple of thoughts during the efforts so far –

. It should be much easier in game to identify stations you can install jump clones in

. It would be nice to be able to label each clone



. It would be nice to show a count of how many clones you can create, and how many free slots you have left

. I wish there was a method to transport clones in a hull other than the Rorqual – either a special ship or a container that can fit in an industrial

. I wish you could store multiple clones in the same station

Grab the pitchforks and a cup of tea

I hope I didn’t come across as alarmist in my recent post about the industry changes and the possible Nerf to Empire space. I thought I was just calling myself out for missing key information in the DEV Blog, calling Jester out for thinking the average Empire Industrialist would consider the solution was to forge their way into Null, and just remarking on the need to wait for more details.

Personally I had assumed this was going to follow a somewhat well-trodden path with CCP. They would announce partial details of changes that could have far reaching impact; people would get upset, rant and rave, then CCP would clarify a situation that wasn’t nearly as bad as was being imagined. That way they implement a Nerf that people are almost thankful for.

(Who would have thought I get called cynical at times.)

However – if this does end up being a major Nerf for Hi-Sec Industry, I am not actually that concerned. I don’t see such a change making any real difference to the population spread in game, and I can’t imagine the volumes of goods produced in Null suddenly flooding the Hi-Sec markets. Instead I see people re-adjusting their spreadsheets, finding the next best methods to transport ingredients, and charging higher prices. The manufacturers in Null – even if they are able to produce volumes that have a market impact, won’t drive down prices. They will just continue to play the 0.01ISK games and take higher profits.

There will be individual areas where this won’t be accurate – but overall, I think people will continue to play this game the way they want to.

I am actually more focused on the UI and process changes to manufacturing and refining – and hoping the end result is more new players finding careers in Industry, and hanging around for longer.