It’s Burn Jita 3 this weekend – where the CFC and friends make a concerted effort to disrupt the primary trade hub in EVE with suicide ganking.



I was going to glibly remark that if you were not already aware of that, then you probably shouldn’t be playing EVE. Then I realised in most MMO’s I’ve played, I wouldn’t be aware of such player events. I might read the official emails, or any notices at log in, and probably the best of the various wiki’s available, but I otherwise don’t go out of my way to read blogs or news sites. I just want to log in, have my mindless fun, then log off again. There would be plenty of people in EVE in the same boat, so I expect there will be plenty of tears – tears I will have to have more empathy for.

It has been a few days since I’ve been able to log in. I wanted to continue the process of reviewing my Main Alt’s jump clones, but that will have to wait until Jita is available again so I can come and go buying various implants as I please.

I still have 30 odd days before my 3rd account expires, but I can’t leave the convoluted process of character shuffles too late, so time for step one.






My Amarr Price Check Alt gets the chop.