Donated to science

I forgot about the mechanical noises and scream when you biomass a character. It’s a touch cheesy. I wonder how Roleplayers handle the process?





So that effort resulted in a free slot on the account to be unsubscribed.

Next step was to move my blog related ALT – EveHermit, to that account. The process is easy enough to follow:

You get three e-mails – a receipt, one addressed to the targeted account email, and one addressed to the source account email. Then you wait a further 10 hours for the move to happen.

It seems a touch odd to spent $20 to move a character with no training or assets, but I didn’t want to throw it away while I still maintained this blog. I remembered to put a note in the Alts BIO that it would be on an inactive account.

It seems strange that there is no visual evidence that the character is in a queue pending to be moved unless you click on it:



An idle thought.. it appears bounties placed by a character that is subsequently biomassed remain. Good to see that ISK wasn’t wasted.