Donated to science

I forgot about the mechanical noises and scream when you biomass a character. It’s a touch cheesy. I wonder how Roleplayers handle the process?





So that effort resulted in a free slot on the account to be unsubscribed.

Next step was to move my blog related ALT – EveHermit, to that account. The process is easy enough to follow:

You get three e-mails – a receipt, one addressed to the targeted account email, and one addressed to the source account email. Then you wait a further 10 hours for the move to happen.

It seems a touch odd to spent $20 to move a character with no training or assets, but I didn’t want to throw it away while I still maintained this blog. I remembered to put a note in the Alts BIO that it would be on an inactive account.

It seems strange that there is no visual evidence that the character is in a queue pending to be moved unless you click on it:



An idle thought.. it appears bounties placed by a character that is subsequently biomassed remain. Good to see that ISK wasn’t wasted.

4 thoughts on “Donated to science

  1. As a roleplayer, when I biomass a character I have my shaman perform a rite for his spirit and honour his ancestors by burning something inside a station room with a large window, preferably overlooking a planet and dramatic nebula. I have learned over the years to disable the fire alarm first and to post some clansmen in the hallways to run interference on local security details. Particularly in CONCORD stations as they are so uptight about these things.

    But mostly I try not to biomass characters as they usually have a backstory in my head. Which is a shame to lose. 😉

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