Wardrobe Update

I went through the process of using the ship skin BPC’s I’d purchased through the NEX store.  ehimg390


Submitting 20 odd jobs in quick succession was a painful reminder of why the whole manufacturing process needs an overhaul.  I have no idea what I am going to do with the ship hulls.  The things I do to show some support towards CCP’s ideas…

I also watched the Fanfest 2014 Pre-stream.


Can’t say it was their best work.  Only a couple bits of interest.  As has been mentioned elsewhere, there will be half a dozen odd new hulls in the next expansion.  The mock-up Industry interface will be used for manufacturing, science, invention and reverse engineering.  The first two will make it into the expansion, the last two will come in point releases.  I got the impression CCP was a little taken aback by the backlash on the first two Industry update blogs.  They suggested the remaining industry Dev blogs should be available before Fanfest, and that they were keen on feedback.



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