Number 5

Unexpectedly the 5th of 6 Industry Blogs has been released. I was assuming we would have to wait another day.  This one is about the highly contentious sliding scale fees.

I will be honest with you – I’m too tired to try and work out what it actually means to my game style.  I currently have no opinion on it.  I’ll read the forum posts tomorrow…

Rubicon 1.4

There was a ~250MB patch today for Rubicon 1.4

There is a new character selection screen, which is nice, but kind of clashes with the launcher colours.



If you haven’t recently, it is worth doing a show info on the ship you are sitting in.  That whole interface has really improved over time.  (The most recent updates are in the traits section, which I didn’t actually bother showing)




(The mastery tab though often seems to get it icon highlighting wrong.)

The addition of icons in multi-item contracts is nice:



I presume there was more backend work than was immediately apparent.  The patch notes don’t sound like “250MB”.

Number 4

The fourth Industry blog is out – covering changes to ME and TE.

It seems a logical change that should be more accessible and easier to understand.  If you understand the current skill training structure, you should understand how the ME and TE research works.  My thoughts:

. Casual BPO ownership should be easier to get into

. There should be more, and cheaper BPC available on contract

. This quote is worth flagging – “Everything is on the table in terms of finding a reasonable solution that meets everyone’s legitimate concerns, so please approach the feedback in terms of telling us what you’d like to see rather than simply expressing frustration with the changes as described here. We’re not done with this yet!”  I have seen a number of such statements from CCP over the last week.  It is suggesting that the core of these Industrial changes are not meant to be confrontational. That is important.

. It will be interesting to see how the transition works from the granular old BPO researched levels to the new rigid 10 rank system.  I have some 700+ researched T1 BPO, most with carefully selected ME levels that maximise benefits from the minimal amount of research time.  If your current ME is 95% effective, will the blueprint end up with a rank 9 or 10 in the new system?

. I can see a large and long flood of BPO research being done after the changes as people mindlessly research everything to rank 10.  Depending on how the new scaling cost system works, this will likely have a heavier impact on the more casual players out there.  Corporations with the resources to run and share a research POS will have an advantage.

. Casual manufacturers might have more competition generally.  If CCP get the design right, this will continue into the future.

. There will likely be some nasty exceptions – probably around T2 items and those with special manufacturing rules.  CCP seem to be very amenable to addressing these if they are constructively highlighted.