Number 4

The fourth Industry blog is out – covering changes to ME and TE.

It seems a logical change that should be more accessible and easier to understand.  If you understand the current skill training structure, you should understand how the ME and TE research works.  My thoughts:

. Casual BPO ownership should be easier to get into

. There should be more, and cheaper BPC available on contract

. This quote is worth flagging – “Everything is on the table in terms of finding a reasonable solution that meets everyone’s legitimate concerns, so please approach the feedback in terms of telling us what you’d like to see rather than simply expressing frustration with the changes as described here. We’re not done with this yet!”  I have seen a number of such statements from CCP over the last week.  It is suggesting that the core of these Industrial changes are not meant to be confrontational. That is important.

. It will be interesting to see how the transition works from the granular old BPO researched levels to the new rigid 10 rank system.  I have some 700+ researched T1 BPO, most with carefully selected ME levels that maximise benefits from the minimal amount of research time.  If your current ME is 95% effective, will the blueprint end up with a rank 9 or 10 in the new system?

. I can see a large and long flood of BPO research being done after the changes as people mindlessly research everything to rank 10.  Depending on how the new scaling cost system works, this will likely have a heavier impact on the more casual players out there.  Corporations with the resources to run and share a research POS will have an advantage.

. Casual manufacturers might have more competition generally.  If CCP get the design right, this will continue into the future.

. There will likely be some nasty exceptions – probably around T2 items and those with special manufacturing rules.  CCP seem to be very amenable to addressing these if they are constructively highlighted.


4 thoughts on “Number 4

  1. AFAIK the rank system is a factor in the research time :
    “blueprint “ranks” multiplying the research times for more advanced blueprints”

    The correct word seems to be “level”, a blueprint’s material efficiency level 10 will provide 10% bonus (1% per level for ME and 2% per level for TE).

    The higher the rank, the longer each research level will take.
    Nonetheless I agree with you, most people will research BPOs blindly to ME -10% / TE -20%.

  2. There is a whole set of BPO’s currently in game that though they can be researched actually didn’t require any ME Research at all as no amount of ME Research would improve the BPO at all. You’ve got BPO’s in the category of Starbase Structures BPO’s, Small Rigs BPO’s, T2 Component Tools BPO’s all if i remember correctly don’t require any ME Research as it currently does nothing on the BPO so many people who knew never wasted time to research them. If you did research them it did nothing for you wasting the time then. So a bit curious to see what CCP will do for all these BPO’s on the change. And if all these BPO’s are changed with the ME level affecting all the other BPO’s then their will be allot of current researchers soon flooding to get those set of BPO’s all researched if they haven’t done so before.

    I know i’ve got a full set of all T2 Component BPO’s and some Starbase Control Tower BPO’s that i never researched as i knew better knowing no ME Research did anything to improve them and never wasted the time. However for me this point is moot for me at this point since my character very will soon be on permanent ice.

    • From what I have read, if a BPO was perfect with an ME of less than 10 before the change, it will still be perfect at that lower ME after the change. Where this won’t be accurate is if the BPO had base and extra materials listed. Since these will now be combined, there is a chance the point of perfect ME might move.

      “Permanent ice” sends a chill down my spine. 😦

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