Number 5

Unexpectedly the 5th of 6 Industry Blogs has been released. I was assuming we would have to wait another day.  This one is about the highly contentious sliding scale fees.

I will be honest with you – I’m too tired to try and work out what it actually means to my game style.  I currently have no opinion on it.  I’ll read the forum posts tomorrow…

3 thoughts on “Number 5

  1. Hey Hermit,

    The price variation is on the installation of the job, so provided you’re in a system with the appropriate bonuses, the overheads shouldn’t be too bad. Guess that really depends on how resistant people are to moving if needed…

    • I hide away in backwater systems, so the cost component based on the rolling 28 days average system usage should be towards the lower end of the scale. I think what will be most telling is what the “average” sort of fee ends up being between each of the zones in game.

      • Suspect picking a right out of the way system with no native build slots and setting up a POS might be a way to go as well. Fuel costs though. Might depend on economies of scale to be viable.

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