Rubicon 1.4

There was a ~250MB patch today for Rubicon 1.4

There is a new character selection screen, which is nice, but kind of clashes with the launcher colours.



If you haven’t recently, it is worth doing a show info on the ship you are sitting in.  That whole interface has really improved over time.  (The most recent updates are in the traits section, which I didn’t actually bother showing)




(The mastery tab though often seems to get it icon highlighting wrong.)

The addition of icons in multi-item contracts is nice:



I presume there was more backend work than was immediately apparent.  The patch notes don’t sound like “250MB”.

3 thoughts on “Rubicon 1.4

  1. LOL.. as I have my screen stretched across a 22″ and the 17″ laptop, almost all of the details were lost in translation as twere… I can only see one of the Ventures (the one not doing anything) and it was on my laptop screen, to the right, while my char selection was on the left hand screen… the other Ventures are covered by my toons…so I missed this, sheesh.

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