As subtle as a brick

CCP is considering increasing the isotope fuel requirement for all jump drives and jump portals by 50% (and reducing their volume by a third so that ships can still travel the same distances).

The views seems to be that with the removal of industry slots, people will pull down large research POS towers and replace them with small ones, lowering isotope fuel usage. By increase the use of fuel for jump drives CCP hope to balance any price hit on the isotope markets.

Funny – I was thinking there would actually be a whole heap of new POS being fueled. Yes – they would be small towers, but they would be anchored by all those people without standings or keen on industry, and will also cover all those systems previously out of bounds. I’d have put money on the fact isotope costs would actually increase.

I agree with the sentiment from many who posted in the first few pages of the thread – this sort of change hits the individual and small groups far more than the big name alliances. It seems a hurried and unnecessary nerf.

4 thoughts on “As subtle as a brick

    • When you look at the complicated formulas and thought behind many of these Industrial changes, it makes this one stand out as overly simplistic and – rushed? It certainly is ripe for second guessing the reasons behind it.

    • I assumed serious industrialists would keep their Large POS for that reason – but the more casual researchers and manufacturers (of which I expect there are a much larger number of) won’t be troubled putting their cruiser BPO in a small POS. Well – I’d guess that.

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