Number 6

The 6th of 6 Industry update overview blogs have been released.

This is not at all what I thought teams would be about when I first saw the topic, although it was apparent where it was going after reading earlier blogs.

I’m not sure what to think.  How do players incorporate these sorts of variables into their spread sheets?  Will it really add something worthwhile to the dynamic of the game?  I imagine teams with benefit for high volume, high margin type objects would be carefully targeted by larger scale industrialists who work out exactly at what pricing point they are worthwhile, and when they are not.  The more casual player won’t think much about them, or might grab the teams no one else cares for – for amusement value more than anything else.

Industry has gone from more simple, easier to access after the first couple Dev blogs, to more random and harder to fathom by the end of the six.  It is going to take a lot of forum reading to understand how these changes will really impact things.

3 thoughts on “Number 6

  1. It will mean industry is more about being aware of what other industry players are doing, and less about being the guy with the best excel skills.

    • Landscaping, as they call it, is an admirable goal. Dynamic, even more so.

      But I wonder where ‘discoverabilty’ will come out in this? API? Lists? None? It’s not really a feature, if one can’t grasp the landscape being stuck in a ravine. Industry in a fog-of-war without the data, or means to acquire, might turn stale, even frustrating.

  2. I like math and am good at it, but those sections of the recent dev blogs have just had my eyes glazing over. Maybe part of it is that everything seems so tentative and theoretical right now.

    I’m guessing that variables for teams would be API-queryable, but that means more tools have to be written to pull that stuff down and parse it.

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