Voting for CSM9 has opened.

I voted with my three accounts. Some years I’ve a bit negative about the process, but I was generally pleased with the work done by CSM8 and felt it was worth making some effort this year.

I have to ashamedly admit that I did not listen to the available podcasts or read each candidates manifestoes. Instead I paid attention to who current CSM members and my favourite bloggers were endorsing and why. I then compared this list against some of the groups I dislike and who they were endorsing, and came up with 7 who seemed hardworking moderates who focused particularly on Hi and Low Sec, Manufacturing and Industry.

Good luck in particular to Sugar Kyle and Mike Azariah

I liked Susan Black’s related blog post on who the CSM may actually represent:

I suspect she is right in the sense that more than half of EVE players probably don’t involve themselves in the wide variety of EVE out of Game information, resources and conversations. Throw in bitter Vets who don’t vote because they are, well, bitter, and the CSM and those who vote for it are probably a minority mix of enthusiasts and pilots from organised blocks. Or to look at it in another light, CCP tends to end up listening to the types of people who generate game content. That’s not a bad thing in my mind.

Quick Access

I’ve played more EVE in the last week than I have played in the previous 3 months. I had a number of reasonably long sessions over Saturday and Sunday, which I spent running sites, mining, and looking (without luck) for wormholes out of the Empire Island.

Basically I hit a brick wall of exhaustion in Real Life, and I’ve been capable of little else but vegetatively staring at my computer screens. EVE has allowed me to recharge my batteries a little.

The location does however give me the ability to log in, find something to do quickly, and then log off again. I’ve remarked on it a couple times already, but this is a really big deal. I mean, really big.

I have to play solo because I am not reliably available to play the game with others, and I have to focus on short content as I am constantly interrupted. In my normal home system the resources are commonly depleted, so I find I log in, glance around, and then log off again. This happens more often than not, and that can build up to the point you get detached from the game.

In this new location there has always been some sort of content I can quickly interact with. I log in – actually do something, and then go deal with a child crying or throwing a tantrum. I feel as if I got my money’s worth out of the game.

I suspect this would be an area CCP would get a big player return on – spending a bit of time on fleshing out readily available mini content.

Sailing around the island


I’ve been in the Hi-Sec Island for a few days. I’ve logged in four times for short sessions. The first I ran half a dozen anomalies. The second I went looking for a wormhole leading elsewhere in empire without luck, but ended up running two relic and one data sites. The third and four times I just ran a handful of anomalies before logging off again.

It is the sort of easy access to quick content I need with my game time being so restricted.

There are not many pilots in the pocket – generally systems are empty or only have one or two other pilots. (It is a little busier on the weekend.) Most tend to have a security status of 5.0 and have been playing for years.

I have had two minor encounters with them. The first was after real life had interrupted one of the anomaly runs. The system was empty and the site had dropped from the scanner overview, so I just walked away. When I returned there was another pilot in the system, probes on scan, and their Vialor (not your first choice in scan boats) sitting 2,000m away from me. I am guessing he was checking if I was in a cosmic signature, so I assume he’s one of those more rude type of pilots who prefer to warp in on people already in sites.

The other minor encounter is some of the pilots I am seeing are in a corporation with the name I had originally wanted for my Alliance. It is a small world.

The location isn’t perfect – there are no manufacturing slots in the constellation, and escalations always seem to be across Low Sec and a dozen jumps or more away.

I had another fairly long EVE session again today. I used my scouting alt to go looking for a Wormhole to Empire space, but of the 6 wormholes I found in the constellation all went to W-space. He did stumble across a Ghost site during his search, so I got to run that. (I managed to clear two of the cans, and finished the third mini-game but the can blew up a fraction of a second before I could hit loot all.) I mined a retriever load of ore. I ran a couple Anomalies and a combat site. I also went in and out of Low Sec half a dozen times to manufacture and haul in some station containers. Last of all I jumped into an expensive Clone, and moved it and a bling fit Buzzard back into the Island across Low Sec. I am expecting I’ll hang around here for a while.

CSM8 Second Summit Minutes

The second summit minutes for CSM8 have been released.

At 40 pages they were easier to skim through, although it is suggested sections will be added after their details have been publically announced.  They did read better than before.  Less he said this, she said that, these people laughed, this person had a sip of water…

I didn’t find a great deal of new stuff that relates to my style of game play, or that really grabbed my attention.  No “I can’t wait for that” moments.

They indicated that Aurum and the NEX store will be moved away from the character level to the account level – so Aurum wallets will be pooled and the store moved to the character selection screen.

They are thinking of adding services to the NEX store such as changing gender, bloodline, race, etc. I guess with the concept of clones this makes sense as something which would be possible – but I’m not sure how many people in game would really want to spend Aurum on it. I wonder if they have considered the idea of allowing people to have different gender / bloodline / race clones they can jump between?  So you pay to use the body/appearance process to create new versions of you – have one fat unhealthy looking miner, a smart corporate looking trader clone, another warrior like clone.  When you create a new clone,  you select from one of the templates you have purchased / built.  That might interest people more.

There were some comments about missions and making them more interesting and dynamic, and the fact they are looking at building new content creation tools.

There was a comment about CCP wanting to address and limit power projection.

CCP Fozzie remarked on the possibility of “fixing” the need for very high standings to anchor a POS in High Sec.

We can also probably expect something to be announced relating to veteran pilots.

Overall though, nothing that really grabbed my attention, and lots of old topics that haven’t gone anywhere in years.

Islands in the stream

I had quite a nasty sinus headache, so had to finish up work early and take some stronger pain killers. After a shower and a nap I woke with a fuzzy head and some unexpected down time.

I decided to run the next site in the escalation chain I had started the previous night. Because it lay behind half a dozen low sec systems I swapped into a cheaper Clone and grabbed my Jack of All Trades Pilgrim.

The trip there was uneventful, and the loot drop from the site dismal.  Just the way EVE falls sometimes.

Because I was there I figured I would have a look around the 8 system Hi-Sec Island. It was, as expected, full of anomalies, numbering 30+ in some systems. These included hidden belts that hadn’t been mined. I quickly came to the conclusion that this would be a worthwhile place to leave a clone and a few ships. When I have such limited play time it will be nice to be able to log on, have a high chance of being able to run a few sites without competition, and then log off again. I would just need to use wormholes to move out loot and ship in supplies.

I logged in one of my scouting alts and flew them into the pocket in a Covert Ops. Interestingly one of the low sec systems I passed through had a Ghost site in it. More surprisingly the very next system also had a Ghost site in it. Not equipped to do anything about them, I moved on.

While I ran sites on my main, I sent my scout off to look for wormholes. I had to scan the entire constellation and only found three. The first two were to unknown space, while the last was to a Low Sec system. The name was familiar (I’ve purchased a carrier from there before), and it lay only one jump from Hi-Sec. While it was a bit of a hike, I could get to Jita via this route.

I grabbed a reasonably priced shuttle, fleeted with my scout, and made my way to Jita via the wormhole he had found. What to grab? I started with a Stratios. This would be my bread and butter scanning ship. On my next round trip I went for a Viator Transport, carrying a Retriever Mining Barge. The race was on however to beat downtime – less than an hour to make 21 jumps, purchase everything, then make 21 jumps back. I made it comfortably with 9 minutes spare.

So I ended up playing the longest session of EVE I have done in months, without expecting or planning to do so. I’m also aware of the irony that with my limited time, to actually play EVE the MMO, I need to place myself as far away as possible from where most people are playing.

Mastery of the hated

I’ve recently completed one of my “for my own amusement” goals.


As you can see my main Alt now has Master V for the Falcon hull – one of the most hated ships in game. The effort also happened to cover off Mastery V in the Blackbird, Griffin and Kitsune.  Muah ha ha ha ha…

You’re not wanted here


I wonder who poked their nose through this wormhole who the Amarr did not like? Funny how often you come across evidence of other people’s stories in game.

Ran an exploration site then the first two steps of an escalation. The first escalation did not have a faction frigate in it, which I have never seen before. The second escalation dropped 90M ISK of loot, which was nice. The third escalation location is deep in a Hi Sec Island surrounded by faction warfare low sec. Not sure I’ll have the time to investigate reaching it, had to stay up past midnight to manage as much in game time as I had.

Spelling mistakes be gone

Quick question.


The EVE client keeps a history of various field entries – such as search terms, object names and so on. The launcher does it for your account names. This can be annoying if you mistyped something, or no longer use an account. Is it possible to delete individual line entries from the history drop down? I support a well known ERP software suite, and all you need to do is hover over any entry and hit Del. It would be nice to have the same functionality in the EVE client.


Edit 05.04.2014

As pointed out in the comments, right click on search field and selecting clear history works.  It removes all the history instead of just the single spelling mistake, but isn’t as drastic as clearing caches would be.




Not so Erotic

The Erotica 1 / Bonus Room conundrum certainly fired up a great number of people to write blog and forum posts.

Amongst the passion, righteousness, rage and trolling, there were some very smart people saying things well worth reading.

Some carefully went over the legal relationship between CCP and its players. Some described the psychological aspects of the bonus room. Others looked at bullying and its definition. There were comparisons made of local and online societies, and there were even eloquent justifications for why the behaviour should be allowed.

Lots of thought provoking and sometimes challenging ideas.

Of course, I’m being pretty optimistic here. To be honest those sorts of posts were in the minority. Mostly the discussions were flooded by trolls. There were so many trolls that they often end up trolling themselves in conversations dozens of layers deep. In any established debate it became harder and harder to find anyone with an opinion they actually championed and believed in.

Have we actually accomplished anything here?

Erotica 1 has apparently been banned, so enough people were counted as standing up and saying the behaviour was not acceptable in our game, and in our particular online community. It was but a tiny step that doesn’t resolve anything. I do hope that it at least got people thinking.

March Done

I post these for myself as a way of tracking what I am doing in game. While not entirely accurate, I use jEveAssets ( to check my rough overall financial position across all Characters and Corporations.

Game Hours & Play

While I tend to log in daily to change skills and check I have not been sent a war-dec, I only had two actual play sessions for the entire month, a bit over an hour for each. While that relates to the continued thumping I am getting from real life, it has led to a feeling of dislocation from the game. It’s a nasty cycle when you need to have goals in EVE, but you have no time to achieve goals.

Interestingly I have 18 pages of blog notes from the month (although most won’t see the light of day).


I have 1 Main and 8 Alt Characters. 1 Alt supports my Main, 2 are used for Industry, 2 as Scouts, 2 for Price Checking, and 1 for this blog.


27.9B Wallets

. 13.8B Main
. 13.7B Corp

27.6B Assets

. 14.9B Main
. 7.1B Corp

Approximate Wealth
55.6B ISK (Up 0.1B)

Industry / Trade Details

Researching a couple BPO on public slots, and maintaining only a couple of trade items I am updating once a fortnight or so


Account 1 (Main) – 142M SP. Finished Fuel Conservation V, Acceleration Control V and Gravimetric Sensor Compensation V. Working on High Speed Maneuvering V
Account 1 (Scout Alt 2) – 4M SP. No Training

Account 2 (Main Alt) – 133M SP. Completed Shield Compensation V and High Speed Maneuvering V. Working on Shield Upgrades V.

Account 3 (Industry Alt 1) – 42M SP. No Training
Account 3 (Industry Alt 2) – 13M SP. No Training
Account 3 (Scout Alt 1) – 19M SP. Still working on Astrometric Rangefinding V.