Keeping In Touch

I had a phone call the other day from an x-colleague. It’s been more than a decade since we last worked together, but he always makes a point of calling a couple times a year for a chat. I guess you could call it networking, but I think he’s just the type who makes an effort to maintain acquaintances.

I’ve been working in IT for 20 years now. It is a job where you generally don’t leave a lasting, tangible legacy of your work. The IT related systems you administer or play a part in creating almost always end up obsolete, updated, replaced, or disappear as companies close. You don’t end up with something physical that you helped build or design. In many ways the only thing that remains after a long career in IT are the human connections that you manage to maintain.

EVE is a little bit like that. Once you close down your accounts and walk away there will be nothing tangible left. You might have an account name or three on a monument in Iceland, and if you were particularly devious or charismatic there might be references to you in a source book, wiki page or comic.

For most of us however the only residue legacy of our time in EVE will be any friendships that spread to outside of the game and continued after you dock for the last time. This is one area where I have to admit Solo / Hermit play probably doesn’t turn out so well.

4 thoughts on “Keeping In Touch

  1. Sometime it can be indeed depressing to thing of in game you played for years or community you were apart of. But I do try to stay in touch with long time friends if even to try and touch base once in a while if and when i do remember. So i try to remember people and friends. About 2 weeks ago i called a friend out of the blue i worked with for several years at one the last big Company i worked with. He had left my company before the big layoff and went to this other rival company. When i had gotten laid off we stayed in touch and i asked him if they even had opening there as it was a good place to be. I just did some interviews but nothing panned out when i was in layoff for a long while. But I couldn’t reach him so i send his cell a text. He text me back and i asked how everything was going.

    I soon learned he might be getting laid off from his job there. Its sometimes sobering how life is these days with jobs in an ever changing climate in the economy. Its like role reversal. He’s not sure he will be laid off, but when 20% your company site is getting axed no one is sure just who will be gone. At times like these your reminded of why its good to stay in touch.

    I guess your legacy may not exactly be one where you make a mark in the game because people and players like you and me and not exactly big vocal or content manipulators in the game universe. But apart of it and the community were are by virtue of writing about the universe were are apart of for a long time. Your thoughts help influence and shape the community if even by a single meaningful post.

    Your legacy i guess though it may not be pronounced in game action or as yet is already written in Ink. And unless you erase it, it shall remain here apart of the web.

    • The job situation for middle class across the western world seems rather frightening at the moment.

      I wasn’t specifically talking about my own legacy. It’s small, but this blog is a legacy of my time in EVE. Assuming I do not delete it, the occasional person by design or misfortune will find themselves here through Google long after I have left. It is the same for you. I am not trying to blow our own trumpets, but bloggers in their own way help generate game content for others.

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