Fanfest from afar 2

I’m meant to be elbows deep in database reorgs at the moment, but I am stuck waiting for the overnight processing to complete, so figured I’d blog.

I managed to watch the first three segments of the Friday Fanfest live stream last night

From Evidence to Bans
New Player Experience Vision
DUST 514 Keynote

I then had to go to bed. This morning, in between getting breakfast for my kids I got to watch around half of

EVE of Destruction

As you can see – I slept through the more interesting stuff. The security team presentation was interesting as always. I think one of the key bits for me was that they do not have valid or up to date contact information for a surprisingly large percentage of players. The vision of the new Player Experience was actually more interesting than expected. If you play across multiple areas / professions of EVE, you are more likely to stay longer term. Only 5 to 10% of new players who pay for some length of subscription time end up playing that way. I’m a fan of the tool tip improvements CCP have been making, and expanding on that while also giving new players clearer direction on what is possible without enforced structure could work out well. I was surprised that CCP Rise was so enthused by it. Last of all the DUST keynote wasn’t about DUST at all – instead saying they are on the way to developing EVE Legion, or DUST for the PC. I get the impression the DUST Console players were less than pleased.

Last of all the wresting segment this morning – which I had already written off as lame, was actually half entertaining.

Damn – looks like the process queues are empty, so time for me to get to work.

I’ll blog more later, but I think Dracken is doing a great job posting about being on the ground at fanfest:

Ugleb is another person who is doing a good job giving an overview of the announcements.

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