Fanfest from afar 4

I managed to watch the first 3 segments from the Saturday fanfest live stream before having to go to bed after midnight.

Coaching Them Up in New Eden
Making EVE Valkyrie a Full Game
More Sand in the Box for DUST 514

As with yesterday, that was all that fell into my time zone and availability. I was reminded again while watching these just how much information can be imparted, and even the importance of seeing the nuances in delivery yourself. In hindsight I probably should have paid for the Twitch stream, just to watch some of the segments for myself later. I’ll have to wait for them to reach YouTube.

The first session was interesting, and talked about EVE performance monitoring and where they think they will get substantial improvements from targeted code rewrites. (I do a lot of performance monitoring and tuning as part of my job.)

The EVE Valkyrie panel was an equal part interesting, and an equal part worrying. VR development is markedly different than anything else, and the process has been one of new discoveries for them. They used the example of standard MMO maps with straight forward primary and secondary paths with set chokepoints, and noted that does not really apply to VR. It was interesting, but I got the (strong) impression they had something that visually worked, but were struggling to find the right balance and mechanics to have a game people would want to play thousands of times over.

The last session I watched was on DUST514, and might have been even more worrying for those who play. They discussed sandbox areas and freeform roaming and resource gathering with NPC interactions and the like. The sort of things I might blow the cobwebs off my own Dust account for and try, since I didn’t like the fact there was no real training ground to get started in. But it was all talk, and nice ideas, but it seemed clear there were no concrete plans behind any of them. The presenter did remark on who doesn’t like killing Australians – which got some laughs. I’m not sure what we ever did to him.

So I once again slept through the panels I was interested in, The Industry one, CCP Presents, Deploying pluggable space things etc.

Big congrats to Sugar Kyle and Mike Azariah  for getting onto CSM9. Great to see.

The initial feedback from attendees was that this was a better than average fanfest that they really enjoyed – but I guess you had to be there. I was really hoping for something dynamically new to look forward to in the immediate future, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t get it. **

(** I am not hugely disappointed or bitter or angry.  I look forward to plenty of the up and coming changes.  I was just hoping for one of those “I can’t wait” features.  It’s been too long since the last one.)

13 thoughts on “Fanfest from afar 4

    • I don’t think it looks like a frying pan. I see the empty top floor of a multi-story shopping centre car park. I can see at least three ship skins worth buying, “A quiet Sunday morning” showing a few parked cars, “Boxing day sales” showing a full car park with many queued up waiting or parked illegally, and “Bacon”, just in case other people also think it looks like a frying pan.

  1. Wow man… I have only been keeping up a few hours behind by watching every vid posted by DXFunz on Utoob… and what I got really excited about was: a “Cloaky” highly enhanced T2 Venture which I am DYING to try out; and DUST for the PC!!!! DUST as it SHOULD be… actual DUST INSIDE EVE…. not on a console, but for US, the REAL playerbase of EVE… and I pray, fervently, that this leads to a REAL workable WiS. And I cannot but wonder if, in order to avoid the ‘taint’ of Incarna and the Summer of Rage, this is CCPs way of continuing work on WiS without the stigma of actually calling it ‘Walking in Stations’.

    The totality, not just the Dimsdalian :OH NOES GEWNS: but the Total shake up Industry across the ‘whole’ game, excites me… Because one thing CCP does do, is not cater to us, but to challenge us, to keep us off balance, to keep things INTERESTING… and you know what the Chinese say about Interesting Times right?

    We NEED to have the landscape change in unexpected and even adverse ways, to keep us trying new things, to make us adapt and keep us on our toes and INTERESTED… If you get a chance watch “Economy: Into the second Decade” by CCP EjoyG []… He states flatly that CCPs vision is, one day, to not have ONE thing on the market that is not player made… not one thing. I feel we are in for some VERY interesting, and therefore fun, times ahead…

  2. The OMG! moments are coming. However, CCP is being quiet and you need to get over here and speak to the right people 🙂 The industry revamp, is that just for industry? No, its for the future. The Eve-O code is pretty bad apparently and these revamps are ripping out huge chunks of legacy code and completely re-writing them. One of the big issues with module pos’ from 2012/13 was the cross linking in the code between them, the industry code and the corp code. Industry is being done this year, corps and alliances next year. As each section of code is carefully removed like a block from a Jenga tower, rewritten and placed back, it allows CCP to do more. New space? Player built stargates? Will only be possible after the Jenga tower is stabilised.

    The “OMG I cannot wait for this!!!!” are hinted to in Prophecy. Once the code is sorted, we’ll have them.

    Compared to 2013 and “Don’t tell them ANYTHING!” there was 376% more information this time 😉

  3. DUST as it should be… would require indeed a “new game”. I am tired of diablo-style itemized levelling chores; but exactly this is my impression from every DUST newsletter which I still get. This game style had its peak with WoW and is in decline ever since then (with the occasional zombie like Diablo 3 is). I shelved DUST when it became clear that 1) I would not be able to change keybinds anytime soon, 2) the integration into EVE is limited to chat and an occasional orbital strike and my EVE persona would never be the same as my DUST avatar.

    What I need is being able to fly there with my own ship in EVE, a launch ramp in the low, and my clones and equipment in the cargohold. What I need is my avatar and a proper WiStation/WiShip starting point. What I need is plenty of NPC instances to run through with a four man team on a relaxing evening (I am also a Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer addict and would love to combine two of my favourite games). I do not only want something to do – I have this in EVE and ME3MP; I want again exciting world to live in, a promise which DUST did not keep.

    • I don’t see what you thinking about happening any time soon. I wonder a little at the moment if CCP are concentrating a little too much on getting everything right before moving ahead. By all means spend the majority of time fixing and perfecting – but they also need to be striving ahead and taking a few risks. I wish they had gambled a bit more with DUST and threw in more EVE integration. Allowed some mini game where EVE pilots had to move DUST pilots into certain staging areas. Not the core of the game, just a corner of it which CCP could have thrown out to the players and just seen how much and how it was used.

  4. I have the feeling this was always also their vision. This whole walking in stations thing could have already been a starting point. Better let them do it right this time and prepare well. One day we might get Legion, Valkyrie and EVE as one game, with one Avatar. Or else some Star Citizen might blow CCP out of the water. I am looking forward to the former!

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