] xx > tsk tsk
] xx > miners without a license…. what´s this?
] xx > do you know how dangerous it is to mine without the mandatory license?

It is unusual to see any talk in local of my home system, so I noticed when lines started to flow in the chat window. The pilot then posted links to a couple of recent mining barge kills.

I did a quick check of his and his Corp’s killboard and war history. They were indeed War-Dec’ing Mining Corps in the area, and getting the occasional barge kill. They also lost plenty of ships and did not appear to be that much of a threat.

] xx > this is what happens….
] Me > Does that actually work for you xx?
] xx > yes it does
] Me > wow – people are more stupid than I realised
] xx > I either get isk or killmails, both of them good enough for me 🙂

He then linked to a catalyst kill mail of his, destroyed by Concord, suggested we needed to be fearful of him suicide ganking. I had already seen his kill history, and noticed that while Concord had killed him numerous times this year, he didn’t seem to be especially successful at it.

I tried to alluded to that without being overly blunt, but he forged on in

] xx > you´ve been warned, don´t cry when you get blown up 🙂
] Me > u almost make me want to mine

He then indicated he would be afk for a while, and when he returned he would reward anyone stupid enough to still be here with a war. I suggested he could feel free to war Dec my Alliance, but it unfortunately didn’t happen. It would have been nice helping my Carebear brothers by taking up some of the time and resources this extortionist.

15 thoughts on “Extortion

      • LOL Sugar, now that you are a CSM, please ask CCP for emoticons in chat! LOL /rolleyes/

        (uh, on second thought please don’t, we have enough Ascii art as it is…)

      • You don’t want to be complacent, and they are providing player driven content which is good. I did however think it was a touch amateurish and cheesy.

  1. We’ve even had James grace us once before… though I’m still not entirely sure how you could spend hours and hours bumping people and remain sane. That said, I did some research into their gank squads, and they (at that time – not sure now) weren’t something to be entirely discounted.

    So, -5 and watching closely for local spikes seemed to be the way to go. In any event, ones prepared to make their way through low sec to get there probably deserve a touch more respect. Just a touch mind you.

    • It wasn’t in the island. They were sniffing around last night – which flagged one of their neutral alts to me. I expect this is common fare for many pilots. I could see it would be annoying if you were desperate to be undocked and mining. I just find it rather interesting.

  2. I too have had a run in with The Imaginary Savior’s Mindless Minions… and they popped in, scanned my ‘tanked’ barge… and left without a word in local. It is SOOOOO easy to ignore them, they attack only those who don’t believe that playing EVE requires tanking. Tank your ship, accept the tradeoff in yield and ignore them. I can guarantee that IF all of this was actually happening in the real world, no responsible ship owner or corp would risk the lives of real people and the loss of a ship and ores in an untanked ship.

    And yes, I know there are Corporations IRL who do things that put lives and property at risk for greed. Oil companies using single hulled oil tankers that put the environment at risk, auto makers accepting known faults in cars that endanger people because the % of actual risk, to them, outweighs the cost of a recall… (all of which makes me sick) I just assume (a bit of personal RP) that in EVE that the guys who fit for max yield at the risk of getting ganked are the same type people as those oil and auto execs referenced above… and they richly deserve James and his inbred ilk.

    ,…spend hours and hours bumping people and remain sane… uh… a short perusal of Minerbumping prove you can’t. LOL

    • There are no suicide gank proof barge fits, and no way for you to guarantee you are not worth the effort to hunt and kill. You can however mitigate 95% of the risk through appropriate fits and play.

      • I like to go with a rough figuring that if it costs them more in ships and fittings than it cost me in ships and fittings (and generally speaking no chance in hell that a drop would pay for the gank), then fine.

        If they want to gank you, it will be at a net loss… 🙂

  3. Basically, what Helena said… no nothing is Alpha proof, providing you are willing to lose all the ganking ships. And yes, they are not adverse to ship losses, but they seem to prefer the easier thinner skinned targets. All I know is I got scanned, and ignored…which was fine with me.

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