Make all or Break all

During Fanfest CCP remarked that they would like players to be able to build and destroy every asset in game. This is not a new thing.

If my views in the previous post are correct, less than half of EVE players salivate at the thought, while more than half shift uncomfortably.

I want to start off by saying that I believe this could actually be a worthwhile addition to the game. I am not expecting some destructive free for all where I need to worry about PL destroying my Hi-Sec Station, or the Goons locking out every Stargate into Jita. I presume the full mechanics will only be available in this new space we have been promised, with limited or watered down influences through current space.

If you want to stake a claim for yourself in this new environment, you will have to accept the new rules.

Let’s start simple, and assume it will be a version of Null-Sec where gates and stations have to be made by players, wormholes access it, and capital ships can jump in and out. With that premise, who will populate this new world where everything needs to be built, and everything can be destroyed?

As a solo, casual player – it is out of my reach. I might be able to visit, assuming I can slip in and out, but I doubt I would be able to afford or defend any sort of permanent claim.

What about the Hi-Sec / Carebear Corporations who might suddenly have access to space not under the iron grip of the current coalitions? Assuming they can afford the price of admission, I would expect some groups to make a move. These will mostly be the builders I discussed in my last post. What happens when they have their new sandcastle kicked over and lose everything? Would there be a second sandcastle, or a third? I don’t think this new world is for them.

What about the Low-Sec inhabitance and Pirate groups? They would be more capable of fighting, but will they want to be tied down to defending an asset floating in space? Would they want to fight a long, grinding war of attrition against much larger forces? Currently they can park in NPC stations that no one can force them out of. They might visit and dabble in this new world order, but I don’t think this is for them either.

What about the Faction Warfare pilots? Unless there is some NPC mechanic where factions support or reward them for staking claims to new systems, I presume they will just be amongst the groups who only visit.

What about the Wormholers? They would have the resources, experience, tenacity and fight to stake claims in unexplored territory. But how are they going to go without the protective structure provided by wormhole access rules? How will they manage against the current Null-Sec blobs? Again they might visit and dabble, but I don’t think this is for them.

What about the NPC Null-Sec inhabitance? Well – again, they might dabble, but they are in NPC Null-Sec because they don’t want the hassle of system ownership and its defense, or they are not strong enough to be in Null-Sec.

So, this wild and totally player driven space will likely only be for the current Null-Sec inhabitance. Some will be controlled by Alpha breakers, who rent the space out. Some will be controlled by Alpha builders in huge coalitions. If we are really lucky, we might end up with some Providence style areas on the fringes, mostly worthless and allowed because it amuses the others.

I would expect the hurdles that keep current players out of Null-Sec will be even higher in this new space. Everything you move in and plant can be destroyed. Nothing is safe. There would be very few groups of builders who could confidently defend themselves.

To be honest it doesn’t make much sense for CCP to go this way with new space. Even with small changes they could really mix things up – not allowing Capitals to jump in and out for example, or having it so that wormholes never open there. This was more an exercise in thinking who would really make permanent use of space where nothing was safe. The answer is probably not that many could.

7 thoughts on “Make all or Break all

  1. I too wonder at this direction. How can there be a place for smaller groups, much less the casual solo playstyle in a space where, without massive support, IE a very large group of players behind you, you will just get wafflestomped. I swear I can’t see how this vision works out… unless…

    Unless it’s something really new, something highly unlikely, something that came to me as I read your post. What if… what if this is the new nullsec? Once the Empyreans (Nullsec Coalitions) IE the ‘Heretics’ of the Prophecy video, open this New Gate, to a new star cluster, maybe to one as large as New Eden even… wouldn’t it be something if CONCORD under the orders of the New Eden Empires, started slowly taking over New Eden Null… forcing those who WANT huge wars and massive battles and total ownership of space out through the gate into this new space where NOTHING is safe, ever.

    New Edens old Empires on the one side of The Gate and Empyrean Empires on the other… In New Eden we would have Hisec, Losec and a new Minimum Security (null) on this side… and have wormholes randomly connect the 2…!!! OMG THAT could WORK!!

    Create new space for carebears and pirates to expand into and a whole new cluster for the Great Empyrean Coalitons… now THAT would be a vision wouldn’t it? Space for all…

    Hey, if she can have a vision, then a guy like me can dream… can’t he?

    • Could you imagine the rage as Concord slowly worked their way through the current Null Sec, the old system owners having to gather all the possessions they could carry and head out in caravans into the unknown? Maybe CONCORD will make all pilots who are members of alliances and corporations that create Stargates have permanent suspect flags?

      Interesting ideas, but to be honest I wouldn’t want an existing play style to be removed like that.

      • Actually, yes I can imagine it… not the rage but the Great Caravans heading out into a space their scouts are telling them is a Gold Mine… where they can build their own Outposts and Stations and Gates… that fits in beautiful lock step right into Seagulls ‘vision’… as for HOW CONCORD goes about it?

        Could be as simple as suddenly finding kills in nullsec are being tracked, and sec status effected… then a very slow (read months/years?) spreading proliferation of Gate guns… followed by invulnerable CONCORD Stations being built (even more months go by)… then Station guns… Give it a year, hell give it two… eventually you end up with null being a new “Minumum Security space” or Minsec. 0.0 to -0.9 in steps of .1 … 0.0, -0.1, -0.2, -0.3, etc., etc. In 0.0 to -0.5 there would be no Sovereignty… but in -0.6 to -0.9 there would be increasing levels of Sov.

        Imagine that as you move deeper into negative space, you see increased power and aggressiveness from NPCs… So much so that in -0.6 to -0.9 you would ‘need’ Capitols and RR to run sites the same as in Anoikis… and… (the Pièce de résistance…) you start to see ‘restrictions on local’ until in -0.8 and -0.9 there is no local… !!! And all nulseccers wouldn’t have to leave… but the one who stayed, would have to adapt.

        And this would still leave -1.0 being true Negative Security space, IE Wormhole space, negsec.

        I also imagine, of course, more and more of the new gates being created as the tech proliferates, eventually into the hands of even Hisec corps and Alliances, opening the way for trade, and conflict, between the 2 clusters… just imagine the possibilities….

  2. My concern is more along the lines of supercap projection. A smart and more mobile alliance (or one with friends) might be able to reinforce one or two stations as a feint, while the third reinforced station might be their actual target. They, if smart and a little lucky, might be able to destroy one of the three.

    Intel and misinformation might actually have more of an impact on the way in which wars are conducted. That said, I could also see the CFC going scorched earth and effectively creating a buffer zone around their empire….

    Tur, awesome idea but, and it’s a big but, the smaller corps and alliances are still going to get waffle stomped by the likes of PL. In other words, raising the barrier to be able to take on the NPCs while raising the risk levels.

    And unfortunately, only the big players tend to profit under those circumstances.

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