Warp Drive Active

Regular commenters will have put one and one together and understood the source of the generous in-game gift I remarked on the other day. You can understand why it was received with sadness.

It has taken me a couple of days to get my head around it. I tend to be self-contained and self-sufficient, so (justifiably) I am not usually the target of generosity. In fact I make an effort not to have to rely on others, so I feel a fair measure of awkwardness when I am on the receiving end of kindness or assistance.

(There are so many reasons why I play this game Solo..)

When I cast aside my complicated thoughts, I am left with just an overriding appreciation at the thoughtfulness of the gesture.

My first objective is to consolidate the gift into the one location. This has a number of benefits:

. It allows me to understand what’s there
. It makes it easier for me to coordinate any projects it generates
. It is easier to separate it from my normal monthly reports
. If the pilot decides to re-sub one day, it is easier to return

(And to be completely honest, I have a thing for having everything in its place and neat..)

To that end I shuffled around my corporate hangers to free up a division and renamed an unused wallet. Then I set about collecting everything.

The process resulted in me breaking the record for the most hours logged in at one sitting (14 hours), and the most hours spent logged in over 24 hours (18 hours). I have made (literally) hundreds of jumps in Haulers of all descriptions, T1, T2, Orca’s, Freighters, my tanked Exequors and even a few Noctis. Balancing volumes, values, empty outbound AFK trips and manually flown returns. I haven’t quite finished, but I am nearly there.

There is something inherently interesting about getting a glimpse into how another player lived. There was admiration at the scale of operation a solo player is capable of; familiarisation with the OCD necessary to collect, research and sort so many Blueprints and their copies; and a slight unease when wondering why one person would own quite so many Amarrian Haulers.

As an aside – with all my travels backwards and forwards, I actually saw 4 different Covert Research sites in the space of a few hours. However every time I did so I was in a hauler.

I am going to have plenty to try when the Industry changes go live. As I mentioned the gift will also fund solo expeditions and experiments that I would not have otherwise been able to justify. The first will likely be a few months’ worth of POS fuel to allow me to fully check out that aspect of the Industry update.

I purchased one of these to help with the move.

Only to find one of these in the collection.  I had plenty of time admiring both of them in space.

5 thoughts on “Warp Drive Active

  1. You are no longer called Eve-hermit; you are now called Eve Haul-it. Congrats on the inheritance. It doesn’t sound like assistance at all; it sounds like you, through your exceptional work, have earned the trust of someone to forward his work. Well done.

  2. Everything was entirely organized before it was transferred as I kept a ran a very organized operation. Having to move some things in order to transfer them meant on some things in some locations had to be removed from Station Corporate Assigned hangar and dumped to regular hangar in order to contract them. At such point you encounter an EVE wall. You can only transfer a limit of 2000 items in a contract.

    So that required an endless amount of contracts as I had lots if organized cans of BPO, BPC’s, T2 BPC’s. 1 small container can hold a limit of 999 individual items. So with just 2 cans can completely fill up just one contract. So some things that were organized before became a mess to contract, especially dumping out whatever was in the cargo hold of all the ships. As in EVE you can’t contract a container within a container. So emptying some ships made it look messy from 2 characters.

    But in the end with everything in hanger you will notice a world of secure containers all properly labeled. As that’s the only way I could ever find exactly what I was ever looking for fast and knew exactly where everything was having labeled them all.

    In order to exactly know what’s eventually all there entirely, you will have to look at each named container and look inside. As to dump all containers on the hanger floor would create soo much hanger lag it will take quite a while for the game to load and render it all. So everything was sorted in my own OCD way for business needs.

    • Oh, it was clearly all very well organised. I chuckled at the invention cans in particular – very familiar to mine, although with larger volume. 🙂

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