Man with a Van

The Industry updates have been delayed by 6 weeks. They should now be delivered with the Crius release in late July. That is probably a good thing. I read some of the feedback threads and the myriad of special exceptions and cases in how Industry is run was mind boggling. Best to minimise the number of mistakes in such a big change.

CCP Seagull also remarks on the change of release schedule, the benefits, and how it was now possible to delay one aspect of the release without holding up everything else.

I cannot emphasis enough the importance of reading Dev Blogs if you are a Solo EVE player. You cannot rely on your Corp mates or Leadership to filter out the important bits, or to tell you what adjustments you need to make. Even more importantly – these changes can often directly drive your activities in game. Aimlessness helps kill Solo play.

Now – you would think after my recent foray into the EVE-Haul-it business that I would have had enough of moving things, but I have a thought niggling away at the back of my mind. Maybe I should move my home system?

My current location is no longer the quiet backwater it once was, and at 16 jumps from Jita it becomes a hassle to just do a quick shopping trip. There are some systems in Kador and Tash-Murkon that are slightly off the beaten path, and cut 3 to 5 jumps off that distance from Jita. I might even consider areas in Domain, although dabbling in the regional market is far more difficult. There are also some systems in the Bleak Lands which while only a jump or two closer to Jita, allow the option to step into Low Sec when I want to play around with manufacturing there.

Maybe I subconsciously enjoyed the slow pace of flying a freighter..

4 thoughts on “Man with a Van

  1. One thing I always enjoyed about flying the freighter was a sense of just how big the thing was. Almost a sense of majesty in the way they hove to in the process of jumping…. πŸ™‚

  2. The first few times I undocked and waited for the Obelisk to align, I honestly thought my client had locked up. πŸ™‚

    I love the big ol’ pine cone, but it’s so weird to fly when you’re used to T3s and battlecruisers.

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