Storm clouds and a moment of cool

Sugar Kyle remarked on there being a lot of negativity about EVE going around at the moment:

I would agree with her.

I hope this blog isn’t coming across as overly gloomy, or being considered to be in the naysayers camp. I am in a pretty happy place when it comes to EVE, and I have been for quite a while. The last time I remember feeling a strong pessimism towards the game was with Incarna and the static picture of the door. I hope even my negative observations are taken in the right context.

I did remark a number of times that I was somewhat disappointed at the lack of a real wow announcement at Fanfest. Part of that view was selfish. It has been a while since I’ve felt that “I can’t wait” excitement with a change to EVE. Part of that wish was altruistic. I was getting the vibe that players in general probably needed such a boost.

When I get some time I plan to watch the Fanfest presentations I missed on Youtube.  I might pick up the more positive vibe that the attendees seemed to have:


The other day I remarked on TurAmarth at a Carbon Based Life writing an open letter to CCP, asking where Non Null-Sec players fit into the future of EVE. I remarked myself in a post here that I thought it was important that CCP throw the poor old Solo player a bone occasionally.

TurAmarth was answered by none other than CCP Seagull herself, Senior Producer of EVE Online. You can read the full reply here:

He was justifiably quite chuffed. I thought it was very cool.

5 thoughts on “Storm clouds and a moment of cool

  1. You haven’t come across as negative. Sometimes the topics we have to talk about are not going to be bright and sunny every moment. Those are still issues and a part of what we see and interact with. Ignoring them will not help.

    I’m in an unfortunate situation where I’m involved in the CSM election discussions (just be having run) and all of the other things that are spawning from them. It becomes exhausting. I wonder why people seem to hate a game they choose to play. Yet, I don’t think they hate it or they’d not work so hard to try to change or fix it.

  2. OK first off, I write a post called, “An Open Letter to CCP” which poses a serious question about the direction, the vision CCP has for EVE Online… I asked directly,

    “Does CCP plan on solo, casual and small gang gameplay having a place, IE being involved, in this new vision?”

    I expected no ‘actual’ answer, I wrote it to ‘stir the pot’ a bit as we all do when we write contentious or controversial posts… And yet, I did get an answer… and from no less than CCP Seagull herself. An actual non-ambigous and really positive response that basically says, “Solo, casual and small gang gameplay in EVE IS important to CCP and thier new Vison for EVE.”

    SO I am excited right? I write a post about it, tweet about it, I comment about it and then I wait to see the ‘ripples in the metagame…’ and aside from some nice comments, a retweet and a very few tweets… not a blessed thing until now.

    It seems that much of EVE blogshere is like the RL media, only interested in scandal and failure… Let something really positive come up, oh say like the Senior Producer for EVE Online Development actually definitvely saying that things are not as bad as are being :tinfoil: and CTed about… and that Solo, casual and small gang players ARE important and will not be left out and it seems people are just not all that interested.

    I want to thank you for posting about this. As you said above, “…there being a lot of negativity about EVE going around at the moment… As I see it there is quite rarely anything but negativity going around about EVE and CCP most of the time. Cause, and this has nothing to do with it happening on my blog, if that response to that question had happened on anyone else’s blog, I would have jumped all over it as proof that all the rage and vitriol being spewed out (not on your blog but a helluva lotta elsewhere) about how CCP is going (not might but IS ACTIVELY WORKING) to nerf Hisec & Lowsec into the ground to the benefit of only Nullsec… it shows how all of that :tinfoil: and CT is pure bunk.

    I was so pleased… I was so excited… and, except for some good comments and a few tweets, it feels like no one cared a bit. I despair the playerbase of EVE.

    Thanx again man.

    • I agree that the EVE vibe seems to be in a bit of a down cycle at the moment. That is why I was harping on wanting to see something rejuvenating at Fanfest – to help break any stagnation people might be feeling.

      The game itself however is continually improving – I was just admiring some of the new tooltips this morning. The situation doesn’t seem to warrant the backlash. Maybe some of this is from external pressures and dissatisfaction, and EVE is just an easier target to vent at? I know there are a lot of questions about the economy, jobs, governance and future here in Australia at the moment, which certainly leaves my wife and I unsettled. Maybe people in general are feeling out of sorts in real life.

      • I can’t help but think it is due to the fact that CCP used to do Jesus Features… and people got used to it. The Next Big Thing was always all the rage, either for or against, then we’ve had a long stretch where all that has been delivered is The Next Little Thing(s)… I think people are getting bored. And when the players get bored, they begin to act like the natives getting restless. I know for a fact I was bored to tears while I was in Hisec between SYJ and HELPeR… loggin in less, playin less, bloggin less, enjoying myself less and less.

        Cause there was nothing, NOTHING I ‘wanted’ to do, nothing I looked forward to… no way to make worthwhile ISK (look 3 years in holes spoils a guy ok?) with my guys having some RL ‘stuff’ getting in the way I ahd no one to fly with… (who I WANTED to fly with) hence NO FUN.

        I was bored. I think a lot of us are… I think that’s part of the reason CCP is shaking things up so much… to break us out of the doldrums… I’m betting on CCP for now, but we’ll see I guess.

        And the unsettled nature of RL is part and parcel of why I fly the deadly skies my friend… I KNOW they’re all out to get me here! LOL

  3. Hm, nice to be excited about a creator god`s whispering in your ear. Once happened to me whith a small insignificant game called “Stars!” and it is a great feeling.

    However, what is the plan?

    My best online experience is from team PvE. Group finder and fast paced games in a limited timeframe of 30 minutes made these kind of game modes accessible to me and I had a blast (EVE is always too much of a coordination effort, sorry). I wonder if EVE could include something like this, and I mean not only via Valkyrie or Legion. Example: A NPC carrier in highsec which you can accept a mission from and you are automatically cynoed into a group of 5 players into a complex and given a standardized gang role (logi, tank, dps).

    Without a gamemode like this, I am afraid I have to continue to watch things happen in EVE from the sidelines. (I do not really like corp- or alt-gaming.)

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