Day 9 – No one home

(This particular session happened some time ago.)

It is the last day of my holidays and I am planning to leave my main logged in all day to help EVE break out of its plateaued average user count. (I’m ignoring the fact there were already 48K online.)

My Loki was still in the Low Sec system of New Eden. There’s another young Capsuleer in system with me but he appears to be cloaked. Then I remember to change D-Scan from 5 to 360 degrees and see he is actually in a shuttle.

I launch probes to look for the single signature in system. A couple sweeps later and I am sitting off a Wormhole to unknown space. It seems unnecessary but I check the local pilot’s killboard for any Wormhole history, but there is none. I suspect the shuttle is probably not a scout. I suspect I probably didn’t really need to check. I step through the hole.



There are three towers and one force field on scan. I am in warp to a Customs Office when my daughter arrives. It is going to be a long day of interruptions. I slow boat off the POCO in a random direction and walk away from EVE for 20 minutes.

The system is a C1 with a Low Sec Static. There has been no recent activity and no ships are on scan. The two offline POS in range have lots of modules around them, but nothing you would loot. The other POS is at a Planet III, which has 11 moons. D-Scan shows it up on Moon 10. I started my D-Scan check at Moon 1. I must remember to start from the highest moon instead. I bounce off another moon before warping to the POS. It is called ATLANTIS. Unique.

There are another 2 Planets outside of D-Scan range. The first – Planet V, has two more POS without force fields – or modules. Planet VI has no moons, but I bounce off it to make a safe.

Back at the safe I launch probes – only to realise there is a mobile deport on scan. I swap my core probes for combat probes and 3 sweeps later I have its location. It has 24 days left of life, and is for a pilot not apparently associated with the hole. For interest sake I see how long it takes to put it into reinforce mode. 6 volleys of my 220mm it seems. I don’t envision being back in 48 hours to finish off the job – it was just for the amusement value.

I return to my safe to scan, but am interrupted by my 4 year old daughter (gee this was an old post, she is now 5), asking me to draw the crafting layout for a breastplate in Minecraft, because she had forgotten. Drawing done I start scanning. I find the inbound wormhole and 3 gas sites.

Ok – nowhere further to go. This was a short trip.

I return back to New Eden and jump across to the system of Promised Land.


Promised Land, Genesis

There are 3 signatures with two wormholes. Using, Penny suggests one is to a C2, and the other a C3. I check out the C2.



There is nothing on scan and no recent activity. Warping around I find a POS with 20+ warp disruption bubbles anchored around it and a piloted Astero within its shield. It is in a lazy orbit.

I then go AFK for almost an hour to (my notes say) chat to my wife and have a shower. When I return the Astero is still piloted and still circling the control tower.

I move off and scan down the 5 signatures in system, two Gas sites I ignore, the inbound hole, a C2, and a C3. Not wanting to change my pattern, I go check out the C2.



There is no activity in the system as I warp around to find one online POS on Planet III Moon 1, and an offline POS around Planet IX. (I don’t pin point it as there are no modules in space worth looting.)

I scan down the 7 signatures. Two gas and one data site are ignored, which leaves the inbound, what looks like an end of life C6, a C1 and Hi-Sec (looks like Domain) holes. I check out the Hi-Sec hole first.


Horir, Domain

There is only one signature in this system, so I return back the way I came. Next I try the C1.



There is a POS to search out and 10 signatures to scan. The POS is on a planet with 21 moons. I start searching from Moon 1 and don’t find it until Moon 21. That’s what happens when you fail to take your own advice. The POS is packed full of resistance mods and no weaponry at all. A form of Dickstar. The owning Corp has 28 members, but none appear to be around.

Probing flushes out four gas sites, 2 data, and 4 wormholes. The inbound from the C2, one that looks to be a C1, and two to Hi-Sec, one I expect Minmatar space, the other Lonetreck.


Vorsk, Metroplois

I was right with the first Hi-Sec hole being to Minmatar space. There is only the one signature in this very busy system, and I just stepped through it. I return after waiting a bit of time for polarisation to clear and check out the second Hi-Sec hole.


Isseras, Loneteck

Again I was right with the location. I’m only 4 jumps from Jita but have nothing I need to buy. There is again only one signature in this, again, very busy system. I return after allowing polarisation to clear and go check out the C1 hole.



There are several online POS in system with a couple of ships around them. The Ship name formats look familiar, and when I look closer I realise I have a safe spot bookmarked in the system. I’ve been here before, back in 2012. While Dotlan reports recent activity, I don’t notice anyone sitting in a ship or flying about. This has been a particularly quiet run through Wormhole space.

There are only two signatures, the inbound and an outbound to Hi-Sec, which I step through.


Rayeret, Kador

This system is actually on the border with Genesis, and close to my low sec home. I want to rest up, but there are no stations here. I use a gate.


Hirizan, Genesis

I dock up and go offline.


With interruptions this session took several hours.  The actual scanning part of these trips is relatively swift, but checking out POS and for piloted ships really adds to the time you spend in each system.



Latest Trip Count – 10 sessions, Visited 39 Empire Systems, 71 Wormholes, 4 Null Systems,6 Low Sec System; 1 kill

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