Day 10 – No sugar and no spice

I’ve done enough hauling, Hi-Sec exploration and mining of late, so I clone jumped back to my Loki. It was time to traipse through wormholes again.



I’m in Hirizan, Genesis, not far from where I have a cache of assets. I ignore them and scan down the two signatures in system. Both are K162 Wormholes, both look like C1 or C2. I pick one.


J151348 – C2

I exit the wormhole in a shimmering bubble. There are lots more Warp Disruption bubbles on scan, along with a Velator, Drake, and 9 Signatures.

I make a safe and launch probes. While I work a Stratios appeared on scan and stays there. With no probes launched and a lack of cloaking, I presume it is a local and is sitting at a POS. After a while the Velator dropped off scan. I probe down 2 new wormholes out of the 8 signatures. A C1, and a C4 or C5.

The Stratios goes off scan as I go to check out the C1.


J113434 – C1

There are five Haulers, a Thrasher, Loki and Hurricane on scan – along with some 14 POS and 2 Force Fields. I use D-Scan to find the ships in the two active POS, all unmanned. I checked the remaining POS for anything of value anchored around them, but find nothing. There are three new wormholes in amongst the 9 signatures, A C1 (End of life) and two Null.


JPL-RA, Greater Wildlands

The first Null connection drops me not far from the infamous E01-IK. Someone passes through the system while I am there, but it is otherwise quiet enough for me to shot some rats, just because I can. There is only one wormhole in this system – the one I came through. I return.


1TG7-W, Insmother

Pretty sure I’ve never been in this region before. It looks quiet. I shoot more rats while checking for other wormholes. I find one to a C5, but I don’t feel like visiting. Given the statistics suggest not many people are about, I decide to jump through a few systems. I find no one else.


R959-U – Insmother
4 signatures, no wormholes


6BJH-3 – Insmother
0 signatures


5-2PQU – Insmother
2 signatures, no wormholes


7-JT09 – Insmother
1 Signature, no wormholes


2JT-3Q – Insmother
2 Signatures, one C3 wormhole, which I take


J110121 – C3
A less than detailed check finds 8 POS, 3 Force Fields, 2 Mobile Depots, 2 Imicus and 1 Noctis. It looks like yet another quiet system, but thoughts of further exploration are put aside as Real Life calls.

I return after a long break, finding an extra Buzzard on scan, but otherwise still no life. There’s only 1 Wormhole when I scanned down the 5 signatures, leading to somewhere in Minmatar space.


Heild – Molden Heath

I scan down an extra C3 wormhole, but I’ve got a niggling headache so I decide I might make a run for Hi-Sec and dock up. I jump to the next system.


Bosena – Molden Heath

The infamous home of Sugar Kyle’s Low Sec Market ( ). I wave quietly from the cockpit of my Loki, but it doesn’t appear that she is home. I note there are a lot of people moving about this area – a few obvious pirates, but mostly explorers. I jump out of Low Sec.


Teonusude – Molden Heath

The system is oddly full of pilots. I dock up and rest my head.

The last couple forays into the unknown have been sedate. So much so I forgot to be anxious when moving between systems. I am certainly getting to see systems I would not otherwise have probably ever visited. The ratting did highlight the DPS on this ship is still a bit substandard. I might revisit the fitting again.  I did not remark – but I did spend a bit of time in each system looking for offline POS and where each ship was.



Latest Trip Count – 11 sessions, 40 Empire Systems, 74 Wormholes, 13 Null Systems, 8 Low Sec System, 1 kill

3 thoughts on “Day 10 – No sugar and no spice

  1. My ego! I was like why is this title about me? Then I felt dumb because my name isn’t exactly a rare word. Then I was mentioned and I felt the narcissist! I was also probably in bed oh he is opposing time zones.

    Teon is an interesting system. The empire side of MH has two L4 Republic Fleet agents In systems on each side of Teon. Teon has an ice belt. Thete are a bizillion bekts and s trillion stations. That is why there are so many pilots.

    But all the training schools are in low sec!

    They also have much better market prices then they used to. 🙂

    • Interesting about the L4 agents, I didn’t know that but it certainly explains why so many buy orders get filled in Gelfiven and Gulfonadi.

      At any rate Teon is by far the largest market hub in the region. That’s why there are so many pilots there.

      Better prices… I’m partly responsible for that. I’ve chased some of the worst price gougers off a number of items.

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