Love Me Two Times

So I am back to only running two EVE accounts. Does this make me less of an EVE player?

Account 1
Main (145M SP)
Secondary Industry Alt (13M SP)
Secondary Scout Alt (4M SP)

Account 2
Main Alt (136M SP)
Primary Industry Alt (42M SP)
Primary Scout Alt (21M SP)

This seems to allow the optimum pairings.

There are three main negatives for me. The first is a lack of Price check alts. I’ve moved the secondary scout into Jita in the short term, but I expect she will end up in either my Low Sec home or Hi-Sec Island home. The second is that I can’t move both my Capitals at the same time now, although I am not currently using them anyway. Third is the loss of the extra training queue. My Main Alt will likely fall further behind in the SP tally. There is of course always PLEX to open up dual training when required.

I just finished the last step this evening. I updated all the API’s for EVEMon, EFT, JEveAssets, pyfa and so on.

Still a tad grumpy at myself for having lost the EveHermit toon. Still no response to the Petition either.


*Edit* CCP did respond, and without me asking refunded one of the transfer fees. That was unexpected.  Apparently they are more forgiving of stupidity out of the game than in!

One thought on “Love Me Two Times

  1. One thing that surprise me about this game is that you can have multiple accounts, and even multibox them. It is a very unique aspects in the MMO industry. Myself, i only use one account, and one character.

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