Saving money wrong

I had a moment of stupidity on the weekend which I shouldn’t really admit to. My subscription on the third account is just about to run out. I only had one last step to finalise my move to two accounts, and that was one last character transfer.

I organised that on the weekend. The emails came through showing my credit card had been charged and an email each from the source and target accounts. I glanced at them and realised I had transferred the wrong character. I have no idea how I made the mistake. I lodged a petition feeling rather foolish – but CCP did not respond and the transfer went through.

I was now in a bit of a bind – I am running out of time on the third account to get the proper transfer done. So I had to biomass the moved character, and after it went, initiate the transfer again for the right character. CCP still hasn’t responded to the petition (maybe you shouldn’t transfer characters on the weekend), so I assume my money is lost.

Annoyingly I had to get rid of my EveHermit toon. I had wanted to leave it on the unsubscribed account – and had spent $20USD moving it there. Then I spent a further $20USD moving it again by mistake, then having to immediately Biomass it. As I said, I shouldn’t really admit to such stupidity.

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