The low down

Last week was very busy and I had few opportunities to log into EVE. On the weekend my wife and I left our kids with their Grandparents, and had a couple nights away to celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary.

This would normally be a great opportunity to get some uninterrupted EVE time in. No, before you say anything, just let me explain. I awake at around 6am, so my wife actively encourages me to quietly play EVE or some other such activity on my laptop while she sleeps in. (This is the sort of thinking which helps a marriage last.)

The only problem was the mobile internet access was dismal. I literally had to hang the access point out the window to manage to get even the weakest of signals. I did log in and check over some ship fittings, but I couldn’t undock. As such today was the first time since my last post that I spent any time pottering around in space.

I’ve had to give up on my original Genesis Low Sec home – it was just too busy to do much in. I spent a lot of time looking at the stats in Dotlan, trying to pick a better area deeper into Low Sec. After reconnaissance of various spots I ended up back in Genesis, but in a different constellation. I moved my gear out of the old home and into a staging system. I’ve got a few ships into the new location, but it will take me a while to get everything in I want. It will probably require a convenient wormhole or two, or possibly stocking up and jumping in one of my carriers. Today I spent time moving a second Jump Clone into the area for my Main Alt. While I prefer my solo play, I was thinking the logistics of living further away from Hi-Sec would be easier if I was in a Player Corp.

8 thoughts on “The low down

  1. Congratz on 18 years of marriage. Your obviously Both working at it doing something right to have survived a union that long in todays world in marriage which seem more increasingly rare these days. Yet its also as great to have a spouse that is encouraging of the other in them having some fun activity that they do in their time that the other supports. Speaks much to a healthy relationship which is always a constant work in progress.

    • A healthy relationship takes work, but the rewards are certainly worth it. Even with work though you can’t really take it for granted. There is constant encouragement through life to be selfish, and plenty of people happy to sow discontent into the relationship of others. I’m not suggesting you need paranoia, just that it is important to keep checking in with your partner to ensure you are staying on the same page!

      It is sad to see that whenever we go away together there are always a number of friends who remark on how horrified they would be to have to spend time alone with their partners.

  2. First: Congrats on your wedding anniverdary!@

    Second: There are some places in Genesis that saw very little traffic even in weekends (the Antem-New Eden arm, the Zarer arm). Also, have you tried Aridia? The place is pretty empty during the week.

    Third: How many activities do you do to have such a hard time moving your stuff? I am aware that you use a couple of accounts. Myself i use ony one character, so logistic are quite easy for me.

    • Antem seemed to have a tendency to be camped, and the lack of stations down the New Eden arm put me off making a home base there. I did look at Aridia, but the pipe from Kor-Azor seems to be too dangerous, and the pipe from Khanid too long.

      I didn’t say it was difficult to move in ships – I said it was going to take me a while to find the time. Plus it would pay for me to get the PVE / Salvaging / Mining ships in without drawing too much attention to myself, hence keeping an eye out for a suitable wormhole or contemplating a single Carrier Jump.

  3. One of the reasons I like your blog is so few who really play solo are also gregarious and communicative… most hermits aren’t really all that chatty, you know? =]

    That said, I have wondered from time to time if you ever felt that way… that there might be some real benefits to playing with others. I joined EVE due to my sons. I completed EVE High (tutorials & Sister Alitura’s Epic Arc) and then we formed HBHI together. So I had a ready made corp, of people I KNOW I can actually trust IRL and in game, and that makes a huge difference.

    Threre is a big upside to corps in EVE… and HUGE downsides. All the things people can do to help each other, mixed in with all the ways people can really hurt each other when trust, and roles, are given and so often, broken. The risk is very high, but the rewards, if trust is not broken, can be as high.

    • I’m probably not really doing the hermit thing right. That comes with having a wife and kids – you are constantly dragged out into the world.

      I have spent a couple years in EVE in player run Corps, both with real life friends and out in Null. While I don’t really like using voice Comms, my biggest issue comes down to hating the fact that I can’t be relied upon to be available or pull my weight. I can go a week or two where I can’t really do anything of substance in the game, or be in a gang and have to constantly step away from the computer. It means others have to carry me, which I hate. On the other side of that – when I do log in, I want to be able to do something in EVE with my scarce time. I don’t want to be told I either have to do X, or log off / stay docked.

      So I think – trust issues aside, playing EVE with others is good. It just doesn’t fit in with my availability.

  4. Crap, no I feel bad I dint do a Congrats n all… but, TBH, while I’m happy for you, the rather extreme levels of wife aggro I get due to EVE and bloggin about it… well, all I can say is I envy you man.

    Congrats though.

    • Thank you – although I didn’t remark on the anniversary for the congrats or praise. I just feel it is important to put context around the relationship EVE has within my “real” life.

      Sorry about your wife Aggro – I have certainly had plenty of that over the years. I don’t have an ideal balance here. Basically my wife doesn’t give me much agro because I play very late at night or when she is out of the house with the kids. I was running a site recently and told her I couldn’t stop what I was doing and she would have to wait. There was plenty of passive aggressive Agro directed at me after that!

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