Unpleasant wake up

I’ve not felt particularly well this week, including an unpleasant 2am intrusion on my slumber from a rather painful Migraine.

(I can hear your chorus of sympathy from here – it sounds somewhat like my wives, which tends to be in the nature of “will you die quieter”.)

I have managed to dabble a little in EVE. In my last update the new Low Sec home consisted of an Exploration Ship, an Unfitted Mining Barge, a Covert Ops and a Stealth Bomber. My Main had one jump clone in the area, and my Main Alt had two.

I undocked my Alt during a short session and scanned down two wormholes, one being an end of life Hi-Sec connection. While the location was not particularly convenient, such connections are not common enough for me to just ignore. I roused up the Main and brought in a hauler loaded with a collection of mining gear. I realised I had actually left the tanking and rig modules behind, so I set off back through the hole to collect them. Inconveniently it closed shortly afterwards.

I then did a lot of flying around to create a new jump clone for my Main, move it to Jita to plug in suitable implants for low sec exploration, then over to my staging system to grab another stealth bomber, then I flew it into my low sec home.

When I got there I realised I forgot to bring the barge’s tank or rigs again.

So now I have 4 clones across two characters, an exploration ship, a hauler, a still unfitted mining barge, one covert ops and two stealth bombers all moved in.

The area is much more workable than the last. I should be able to actually make use of the space. There are however still plenty of explorers moving through the area, and a number of pirates. One of those obviously sits on relic and data sites in hope of catching explorers.

So I have a Low-Sec home and a Hi-Sec island home, both suited to having readily available short bursts of content. I still have to decide if I want to move my central storage hub to somewhere closer to Jita, and where my Industry should be based out of. I also have to move my two scouts around – one from the Hi-Sec island into the Low-Sec home, and the other from Jita to the Hi-Sec island. It is useful being able to scout for suitable transport links to and from those areas without having to jump clone in one of my mains.

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