No Jita Price checking for me

I have two scouting alts. Both are trained in flying a Covert Ops and using Probes.

The primary Scout flies a Cheetah, and with current fit has a probe strength of 133 for Core and 68 for Combat.

The secondary Scout flies a Helios and has a lot less Skill points. Their current probe strength is 110 for Core and 53 for Combat.

There are practical benefits to having alts to use just for scouting.

Living in a Hi-Sec Island and also in Low-Sec introduces logistic issues. How do you move in supplies and ship out loot? Both Alts are able to scan down wormholes looking for convent links in and out of those bases. They can do this while I am busy on my Main, or it might be while I am deciding on which location I am going to base myself out of for the day.

My scout in Low-Sec tends to be logged off in space, so they can be used to check if a station is clear for my Main to safely undock.

Sometimes they will be used to scout unsafe routes, or to sit cloaked off gates watching who is passing. Sometimes they will be logged in for hours just getting an idea of who lives in and passes through a system. This is particularly useful when you are moving capital ships. Sometimes they might do minor shopping trips where they can happily wait out gate camps. If you are a PVP player hunting for targets, they have even more uses.

Having said all this – their key utility is not so much from the reconnaissance they do, but in that they release your Main character from the chore. That means you can do something more productive, or more enjoyable on your primary character.

Yesterday I moved my Primary Scout Alt out of my Hi-Sec Island home, through Low Sec, and to a Trade hub. I updated the fit on their Cheetah, grabbed rigs and tank for my Procurer, and then flew them into my new Low Sec Home.

I then logged into my Secondary Scout Alt, which was sitting in Jita acting as a price check alt. I adjusted the fit on their Helios; then flew them to my Hi-Sec Island home (again via Low Sec).

The scouts didn’t get much use when I lived only in Hi-Sec, but they will be in space much more now.

Oh – I forgot the required mining crystals and a propulsion mod option for the Procurer. I need to be much better organised.

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