Closing a wormhole

I’ve spent quite some time recently reviewing Dotlan stats and flying around Empire systems, looking for a better place for my central base.

This is where I keep my training clone, spares, the collectibles CCP has given out over the years, and assets I am not using.

I don’t make such a decision lightly due to the volume and value of assets I have to move, but with having to adjust to the constant ship and module rebalancing, the approaching industry changes, and my loss of Price check alts when I dropped back to two accounts, I decided I needed to be closer to Amarr and Jita.

I decided on a new system the other day. It is quieter than the old, 5 jumps closer to Jita, and 4 jumps closer to Amarr.

The move will likely take weeks to complete, but I began the process with a trip in a Blockade runner moving some small but valuable cargo. After returning I noticed there were half a dozen signatures in the old home system, so I undocked a Stratios and scanned them down. In amongst them was a Wormhole to another Hi-Sec system. In an unusual stroke of luck it exited near to my new home, cutting the trip in half.

I made the most of the opportunity and moved a mass of stuff through the wormhole and stored it in a station on the other side. For I think the very first time, I caused a wormhole to collapse due to the mass moved through it. I was rather amused by this – although I didn’t much like finding myself dumped unexpectedly next to a gate with an Orca holding 4B ISK of cargo, instead of next to where the Wormhole used to be.

I spent the rest of my session ferrying these assets to the new home.

So that makes it three new bases of operation I’ve moved to over the last few months. One in a Hi-Sec island surrounded by Low Sec, another half a dozen jumps into Low Sec, and now this more centrally located yet still backwater central storage station. The common theme across each is that they are relatively sparsely populated. As I have said – this gives me ready access to resources suitable for my sporadic and short game sessions. It’s a logical decision for me.

I was thinking however as I made jump after jump in lumbering haulers, how much of my comfort about living in these locations actually comes from the reduced conflict and competition in them? I’m a bad MMO player. At least it sees me spending large periods of time undocked.

Anyway there is a sense of urgency in finalising these moves. I mentioned back in mid-April that my wife was leaving her toxic job. The expectation was for her to have 6 months off to be a Kinder Mum. I also mentioned at the time that the job market was very bleak. We have more than half a dozen people in our close circle of friends and family struggling to find white collar work at the moment. Given that, my wife put out feelers and applied for jobs to get a sense of the market and to ensure her resume and approach were appropriate.

She learnt some valuable lessons – such that there were more than 1,000 people applying for the jobs she was, and that unless she applied within an hour or two of the adverts being posted, her resume wouldn’t even be looked at. She must have adapted quickly as she has now been offered a job. It is with a good company, on a good project, pays reasonably well and will be great for her career. It is however full time and on the other side of the city – so instead of spending more time with her kids as she had hoped, she’ll be out of the house before they wake and home when they are tired and getting ready for bed. She knows she is very lucky to have this opportunity, but I understand why it is bitter sweet. She was really hoping to experience being a stay at home mum for a while.

What it means for me are some extra 15 to 20 hours of Dad duties a week on top of what I already do, and of course my own job. I will really need to have my shit sorted in EVE, to allow me to make the most of what might be very limited opportunities to play.

One thought on “Closing a wormhole

  1. I really hope all goes well for your family in real life. My wife is a stay-at-home mom, but I wish she was gone all the time…uh, I mean we could really use another income…yeah. It’s a trade-off either way; we are often strapped for cash, but the kids are being raised by their parents instead of a babysitter. You have to work hard in real life and in Eve these days to make ends meet. Best of luck to you, my friend.

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