Jester’s Tank

Ripard Teg has announced he is closing down Jester’s Trek.

It seemed so abrupt that I had to triple check it wasn’t April 1st, and even now I am still not sure I believe it.

Despite the shock, I am also not surprised.  I thought many times over recent months that he appeared to have been worn down by the unfriendliness in the community.  (In fact I’d stopped reading the comments on his posts due to the obvious attacks and trolling.)

There has been a general negative vibe across the blog sphere for a while now – something I have remarked on but tried not to harp about. **  Jester’s Trek going isn’t evidence that the game is dying, but it is a big loss non-the less

If I was to recommend to players just one blog to follow about EVE, his was it.  I have always appreciated his efforts to promote EVE in an almost always calm and rational way – enough to quietly donate some of my ISK to his yearly drives.

A heartfelt thank you Ripard Teg, may you fly safe and find the happiness in game that you are currently missing.


(** Instead I’ve been concentrating a little harder on my little corner of the game, working to ensure I keep myself amused and happy.)


12 thoughts on “Jester’s Tank

  1. It’s still fun reading about EVE having left the Universe. The central hub of the reading to know what’s happening or the pulse of things was at Jesters Trek. There is no way anyone can play EVE and be all knowing of everything that’s happening everywhere in the game. But Jesters Blog was a great hub for that and be now a huge loss to the community.

    But such is the law of the Cosmos…. Everything born eventually dies at some point. Stars born and they too eventually die. The very biggest and brightest of Stars more quickly over time vs others and when they too die in a great cataclysmic collapse or bang the Universe surely knows that those Stars was there. Almost Everything in it’s time eventually passes and sad are the days when it unfolds to those left to look and wonder.

    Jesters Trek blog if it be as a Star was one of EVE’s most biggest and brightest and as it has life energy no more to sustain it’s presence, it has reached the end of it’s life. It’s death is felt by all in and out of the EVE community who still read about the game. The most giant of Stars at EOL collapse with such viciousness and form a Black Hole in it’s death.

    I guess Jesters Trek blog ending forms a void akin to such a Black Hole in the EVE’s community in it’s wake. A void because it’s a blog that everyone will miss reading, whether we agreed, disagreed, or agree to disagree, the voice will be missed as much as a giant blazing Star.

    • I’d guess the last year on the CSM, blogging, and the real life stresses he suggested at all helped burn out that Star. Not sure how the player base will respond – at the very least a lot of people will now be less educated about the game! It will leave a hole.

      • For sure it will leave a big void in the community for many and in knowing what’s really going on for the Water Cooler Talk. Yes, less Education on the affairs of things as well New Eden.

      • Hermit, no need to be humble. I also have yours, pilgrim, jester andd sugar blogs among my dialy check list.

      • I’m with Baldur, you don’t need to be humble, you and Jester were the only two EVE blogs I check almost every day. You speak about a play-style that almost no-one does (such a chatty hermit! :P) but it’s how I plan on playing. Playing the game isn’t a priority to me but I do really love EVE, everywhere other than this blog that I read regularly (EN24 and are telling me I’m playing wrong, it’s good to know I’m not alone.

        So in an effort to rep your tank so I don’t lose both my blogs to read I thought I should let you know this.

      • I am a longtime reader of many EVE blogs. I liked Jester’s Trek because it seemed like the guy always had something to say. The message was sometimes inflammatory, but it was necessary for that period. Additionally, it seems as if I have missed something here – is Eve Hermit going offline as well?

      • No Sintax – I’ll still be rabbiting on about play EVE the wrong way for a while to come yet. Just some generous readers unnecessarily remote repping my blogging tank.

        I think Susan Black put it well here – Lots of us feel the loss of what is a daily part of our EVE experience going offline, and are reflecting on what we might have done to stop the situation eventuating.

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