Burning holes in the pocket

One of the fiddly bits of moving home is also shuffling the jump clones. (Sorry, I think the better management of Jump Clones has become another harp topic – after “Solo play is fine” and “I’m really busy in RL”.) My Main and Main Alt each had three clones there –

. +5 Training Clone with expensive mining and boost implants
. +4/+5 Mission Clone with expensive implants
. +3 PVP Clone with cheap implants – just in case I needed to defend my POCO

Admittedly I haven’t run a Mission in years, and no one has looked sideways at the POCO, but I like to have options even if they never get used.

So I jumped each character to their Mission Clone. I move my main’s Tengu, Noctis and Hauling Orca to a station near my new home and parked them for the 19 hours I have to wait before I can move to the next Clone.

I then swapped to my Main Alt. He only has the one Mission hull – a very tanky boosting claymore. I then (entirely unnecessarily) blinged out his implants for the amusement value.

+5’s on Intelligence, Perception, Willpower and Memory
Low-grade Crystal Epsilon (5% Shield Boost bonus)
NN-605 (5% Velocity)
AM-703 (+3% HAM Damage)
Zor’s Custom Navigation Hyper-link (+5% to AB/MWD)
Republic Fleet Warfare Mindlink (already had this one)

I have the Low-grade Crystal Epsilon implant on several of my clones now. Even by itself it makes a worthwhile difference, and it only impacts the Charisma attribute. I got that tip from Jester. (*Quivering lower lip*)

I parked his Claymore and freshly updated Clone in the same station as my Main’s mission boats, and now have to wait again.

Last of all – I purchased myself a Rorqual. No – not because I now have a ship skin for it (I think I like the original look better). I have been thinking about it for quite some time. I simply wanted to see how the Clone Vat Bay and Industrial Core’s work for myself, particularly with the planned industry changes. I’ll have to plant a POS temporarily in Low Sec to try some of this out. It seems an impractical thing for a solo player, which makes it a perfect thing to blog about. Expect to see plenty of posts – or maybe a killboard link and a sad face.

(* While the Rorqual was funded by myself, this is probably the first impact from AD’s Legacy.  It made it easier to justify the cost of the experiment.)

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