Pre-Kronos and appearing out of thin air

Obviously I am not going to do any Clone jumping or anything major in the game for a day or four. Kronos is being implemented tonight my time, so I will park myself in my main training clone.

This little CCP features page does a good job of summarising Kronos

Not sure about the large “Reactive my Account” buttons at the top and bottom of the page.

There’s plenty of content in Low Sec, but I’ll wait for the initial rush to calm down first before dabbling in it. The only thing I can see as being dangerous for the game client are the sound changes. As I remarked, there are just a lot of changes that will see me having to revisit my ship fits. I’ll have to look at the forums later to check the state of the pyfa and EFT fitting tools.

I did have something odd happen during my move – and it is not the first time. I had some modules unexpectedly appear in my hanger after I had finished. I’ve had this before – it is like in the transfer of 1,000’s of items between containers, holds and hangers some things are missed, and later on some housekeeping process realises this and deposits them in your personal hanger.

Now – I am likely talking out of my backside and there is nothing like that in the game at all. But the item this time was very specific – the Prototype Iris Probe Launcher. I had 1 in my collections container and 2 in my spares container. These fit on the Zephyr frigate – of which I have three. jEVEAssets – not updated recently, also reports that I have three.

After my move I found 3 of these launchers suddenly in my personal hanger. Now I have 6 – one in my collection container, two in spares, and 3 in my hanger. As I said this is not the first time this seems to have happened, but it is the first time it was clearly so questionable. If I ended up with something out of nothing, what might I be missing that I did not realise?

Where’s my Tinfoil hat…

** Edit – changed my Tinfoil hat for a Dunce hat.  As explained in a helpful comment any time you assemble a zephyr it magically creates a Prototype iris probe launcher.  Embarrassing…


2 thoughts on “Pre-Kronos and appearing out of thin air

  1. Hi. Did you repackage your zephir ?
    From my memory, packaging then assembling the zephir does some magic with the prototype iris probe launcher.
    Each time you repackage a zephir, fitted module (the probe launcher) will spawn in your hangar (moved from fitted module).
    Assemble the zephir again, and you will get another probe launcher (already fit in your zephir).

    I think you have packaged / move / assemble your zephir, and due to a large items count, eve didn’t add the items in your hangar. Now, due to your housekeeping, Eve can deliver your new prototype iris probe launcher.

    Feel free to test in an empty station 🙂

    • Top marks – that explains it. When moving stuff in the Orca I would assemble frigates to fill in any gaps in the ship maintenance bay. I presume over the move I must have done that for all three of my Zephyrs.

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