Smoothly does it

I worked till 10:30pm yesterday, kicked off patching of my EVE client while I had a shower, then sat down and looked around New Eden until 12:30am.

The Kronos update seemed to go in smoothly. The issue thread is very quiet, especially if you remove those complaining about balance changes that were widely advertised and discussed for months. What remains were mostly issues specific to the individual. Mining barges will need a fix in the next day or two to reduce their capacitor use for warping, and I’m still not 100% sure if I gained or lost SP with the removal of Combat Drone Operation V.

I logged in both my characters to look at the new warp in and out effects. I need to try that again with bigger ships, as the frigate sized ones were hard to spot. The new sun flares though are nice, and the different station colors add more to the game than I would have expected. It makes things a little less vanilla.

I played around with some sound sliders and muting on secondary sessions. It comes under a nice to have option.

I looked at my low slots on the Obelisk. Yep – they were there.

I looked at my Gila, which manages to carry forward the Moa DNA and turn it into a much nicer looking ship.

I purchased and started training Expedition Frigate skill on my main and main alt.

I purchased Transverse Bulkhead rig BPOs.

I appreciated seeing the Corp bookmark limit increased from 250 to 500. I was almost running out – and I’m the only actual person in my corp.

The NEX store was unavailable – but I understand there were load balancing issues. I looked through it today, but there wasn’t anything inspiring.

I’ll have to wait for the prices to come down before looking at any of the new ship hulls.

So welcome Kronos – I hope your reputation isn’t sullied too hard by ship balance changes.

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