Welcome, new sites and ISK

Sometimes a short EVE session is all you can manage. When this happens I put aside my ship spinning and force myself to undock in an Exploration ship.

Yesterday I scanned down a Contested Guristas Covert Research Facility, and while in warp realised there were also two Lesser Sansha Covert Research Facilities in my new home system.


That’s an unexpected cluster, and I took it to be a nice welcome.



The contested Guristas site is a little odd – just a floating container you hack. The Sansha sites dropped nothing much of value. I am going to have to think about fitting a MWD to my Stratios so that I can more reliably get to a second can before the rats arrive and everything blows up.

I then ran a couple of anomalies to test the drone changes to the Gila. Not sure I like that hull as much anymore. I then went back and hoovered up the wrecks in a Noctis.

Finally, noticing a new signature in system I scanned down a wormhole. It was to unknown space so I ignored it. I did however notice a steady stream of pilots passing through it, probably on their way to Amarr which was conveniently nearby.

I was undocked for less than 30 minutes and made around 5M ISK, but managed to look at one of my ship fittings impacted by Kronos and happen upon one of the new sites.

If you looked at that in a min/max sort of way the session would have to be considered an abject failure. I should have been spending my time inventing Prospects or hunting Low Sec for the new Mordu’s Legion BPCs. I could have been earning much more ISK.

Instead I was just enjoying space, lining up the new solar flares against the updated rich golden shine of my home station and smiling at the effect. EVE once had a manic hectic pace for me. Now is provides moments of calm and peace. Until the kids start screaming about how one hit the other, or the more recent delightful behaviour of who was spitting on who.

I must be getting old.

And that pointlessly small 5M ISK? I throw it into my “To Sell” container, and without much thought or effort, and the occasional lucky drop, it slowly turns into 100s of millions.

I added a new site to the blogroll – Killmail Archivist:


Well worth a read. Jester like in many ways with a deep understanding of game mechanics and history, and the ability to clearly and interestingly explain the topics.  I hope they hang around.

2 thoughts on “Welcome, new sites and ISK

  1. As a father of young kids, I always get a chuckle when you mention yours. Many of my Eve decisions are based on “can I still finish this if the youngest wakes up?” or “if I am suddenly pulled away, how likely is my ship to survive?” I have a tendency to over tank my ship just for this reason.

    • I expect there are many, many older EVE players who know well the mental calculations around what is achievable in game given the proximity of kids, and how long will my ship last without me when I am interrupted and have to walk away from the screen.

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