Everybody Shuffle it

I was home a day earlier than expected on the weekend due to heavy rain closing roads in an area I had planned to visit. Since my wife had assumed I wouldn’t be around she had already organised a social outing with the kids that I wasn’t expected to attend. I found myself home alone with no plans. How fortuitous!

I spent a lot of time playing EVE. I don’t have anything in particular of note to write about – I just wanted something mind-numbing and relaxing to do, so continued the process of moving my various Alts into the new home base. Shuffling so many characters, clones and various assets about gets complicated – trying to ensure I was storing the right ships with the right clones in the right stations.

Again I was thinking there is no way I could sell this process to another gamer as fun – but I found it an agreeable distraction.

In the grand scheme of things Kronos seems to have gone in rather smoothly. Post update patching has been minimal and generally the loudest complaints have been about balance changes. They were not however really pushing boundaries with what they were doing. The Crius update might be different.

By now I think a lot of people will have noticed this little tidbit of information:


Maybe in the next few months we will see something in place for the removal of offline control towers. That could be very interesting, and frankly with the approaching ability to anchor POS anywhere without standings, it will be needed.

One thought on “Everybody Shuffle it

  1. Yeah, they will seriously need a way for offline towers to be cleaned out. Moons may fill up quickly once the standings requirement is removed. I liked that idea about a hacking-type minigame for messing with them.

    I know what you mean about trying to convince someone who doesn’t play EVE that spending an evening shuffling stuff around into new systems is kinda fun. I’ve been doing some of that lately on one of my alts, and it’s been fairly relaxing.

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