All quiet on the CCP Front

CCP seems to have been uncharacteristically quiet on the Dev Blog and Forum front since Kronos was released. CCP karkur alluded to the distraction around the retrenchments having an impact on scheduled tasks which is not surprising. A consequence of this lull seemed to be an increase in the philosophical bent in the topics of some EVE bloggers.

I wasn’t able to play since last weekend, and this weekend’s free time was limited. I really should have done something concrete in game, but I resorted to hauling and tinkering with fits again. I was in need of that intangible but worthwhile mindless distraction.

I completed my move from my old home into my new one, shifting some 60B ISK in assets without incident. (I did have a moment where a black skulled flashy pilot turned up in a destroyer on a gate as I jumped into a system. While he paid me no attention, it was a reminder of the underlying risk I was taking in moving everything.)

I never auto pilot in a blockade runner, just in case someone takes a gamble on me carrying something of worth in my cargo hold. If someone noticed my frequent travels and ganked me going in the right direction this weekend, they’d have had a chance at a 2 to 3B ISK drop.

My Alliance only has one active blue standing at the moment – to a Corp in my old home. We have mutual 0% tax on our POCO, a suggestion we would be willing to help each other defend them, and an open offer to share Orca boosts. We don’t chat often, but we certainly see each other daily. (Just between you and me, the fact they regularly strip the belts clear was one of the reasons I moved!) Their CEO remarked that they would be sad to see me around less. A reminder that even when you play solo, you can be a familiar part of other people’s game.

I am pleased with the new home system though. Being closer to Amarr and Jita makes it much more viable just to grab something off the market to either try building something new or trying out a new fit. It is also quieter, so will be easier to do some mining when I feel inclined.

I also spent some time working out the cost to attend EveDownUnder 2014 in Sydney this November. While I like the idea of going, it would really put me out of my comfort zone. It is the sort of thing I could easily end up regretting the effort and expense of doing. I’m not suggesting the event won’t be worthwhile – I just don’t know if I could push myself out of my comfort zone enough to make the most of it. (As I remark occasionally, I’m a Hermit for a reason.)

I mentioned it to my wife and she was really keen for me to attend. Overly keen actually. While she is prone to being genuinely nice at times, my suspicions were confirmed the following day when she dropped a comment on how she’d be planning for some trip away for herself in return. That ups the ante significantly, as not only do I have to worry about enjoying it, I then also have to worry about how much it will cost me afterwards. I’m not sure how it is for other husbands, but in these sorts of deals I usually seem to end up being well behind. (I remember one such deal where I got something so small and insignificant I couldn’t tell you what it was – and my wife got a trip to Japan for a week to visit a friend.)  I think I’ve talked myself out of it.

3 thoughts on “All quiet on the CCP Front

  1. Do attend, for I would like to pick your brains and buy you a bevy of beer. I myself am a bit of a hermit in terms of gameplay but that doesn’t mean the chance to see the guys at EDU2014 won’t be worth it.

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