The one who makes jokes

I’m not managing to do much in EVE between Mondays and Fridays at the moment. Busyness is conspiring against all my forms of relaxation.

I noticed this video on a friend’s Facebook feed the other day. It is a couple months old, but still quite interesting.

Serpentine Logic linked to some very interesting graphs about speed fitting options for freighters.

The Price gouging is still high on the warp speed mods, but I found fitting 3 Inertia Stabilizers makes a noticeable difference in the time it takes to get off gates in a Freighter.

One last idle thought – am I the only one who is reading a new blogger who writes very much like Jester? (To the point I was compelled to compare their posts side by side..)

10 thoughts on “The one who makes jokes

  1. The fact I am having to point them out suggests I might be the only one of my small readership who had the same thought… The blog is called the Killmail Archivist – a link is in my blog roll on the right.

    • To be fair, Namamai is also in Rote Kapelle. The odds of them having similar fitting philosophies seems high. That said, I don’t feel like it reads the same. Jester’s Trek rarely felt as data-driven as Killmail Archivist tends to be. (I did wonder if that was who you were thinking of, since it’s a new blog, but I dismissed it as unlikely.)

      • I wasn’t talking about fittings or the obvious shared histories in game. I went back through Jesters blog looking for his posts that were more history and data driven, with less of his later conjecture. There was a familiarity with how his and Namamai’s posts are laid out, the tone, and in the way in which they spoke to the reader. I had actually been wondering if they had Jester’s input – through research, shared writing or editing. It might just be wishful thinking – that Jester is still helping pushing out the good info on EVE without the heavy baggage of Jester’s Trek. One can dream…

    • Not quite the only one – I immediately thought of Killmail Archivist when you mentioned the similarity, as the same thought had occurred to me. Maybe Rote Kapelle just attracts some more thoughtful types than usual.

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